The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1521

This person was, of course, someone from the Blood Cult.

He was one of the eighteen members of Divine Blood.

Along with the Blood Cult’s Branch Master, they entered the tomb’s opened gate. To their surprise, they were met with danger not long after that. At first, Branch Master thought he knew the condition inside the tomb very well. Everyone was greatly disappointed in the end because Branch Master said that the situation inside the tomb was completely different from when he had previously entered. He hadn’t seen anything like it.

After that, they bumped into the same dangerous situation that Alex Rockefeller and the rest were in, surrounded by luminescent bugs. Right away, they had lost seven of their comrades. After that, they were chased after by many ghost generals and ended up close to the blood river while escaping.

This man had accidentally fallen into the blood river. When the man saw Alex and the rest, he suddenly realized who these people were. He heard Branch Master mentioning that William Rockefeller’s son had gathered a few tomb raiders and entered the deadly trap they had set up.

In Branch Master’s eyes, these people were probably already dead.

Unexpectedly, they were still alive and well. Moreover, this man even bumped into them here.

“I am…” The man looked at Dorothy Ass*x, who was holding the sword. Just as he was about to make up a story about his identity, Alex directly blew his cover. “You’re from the Blood Cult, aren’t you?”

As soon as Alex said this, the man’s facial expression changed.

The few people who came along all seemed shocked too. It was because the Blood Cult was infamous.

“No, you’re mistaken. I’m not from the Blood Cult,” the man denied.

Alex shook his head. “You can’t fool me. Your martial arts precisely mirrors that of the ancestor of the Blood Cult from Michigan’s Amaryllis Tower,” Alex said.

The man’s gaze turned cold.

At first, he wanted to disguise himself because he saw how terrifying Alex’s level of cultivation was. However, now that his identity had been discovered, there was nothing he could say.

He set Dorothy as his target because he couldn’t tell Dorothy’s level of cultivation. She felt like an average human.


The man let out a loud cry before reaching out to snatch Dorothy’s sword.

As long as he could snatch the sword and hold the woman hostage, he believed Alex would definitely surrender based on Dorothy’s good looks. He’d then be able to turn the tables on them.

This was a good idea, but reality taught him a memorable lesson.

Before his hand could even reach Dorothy’s sword, the sword had already against his throat.

“Why did you kill him?” Alex was stunned for a moment. “I still wanted to ask him how many of them came,” he said.

Dorothy pointed in the direction behind her. “You won’t have to ask. They’re over there!”

Everyone looked in that direction.

From the intersection where the man had appeared earlier, another large boat shaped like a coffin was being pushed out by countless resentful spirits. Since the boat Alex and the others were on was speedy, they made it past the intersection, leaving that boat behind in the end.


“Branch Master, look, there’s another boat up ahead!”

On the boat behind, a young woman pointed at the boat Alex and the others were on while she called out to Branch Master.

It was apparent that Alex and the others were also in an awful situation. Going against so many resentful spirits and the growls of the ghost king up ahead, nobody could afford to relax.

Meanwhile, after suddenly discovering the boat ahead, their spirits were lifted. In this seemingly haunted place filled with terror, being alone and helpless was one’s greatest fear.

Branch Master’s name was Yukita Ganbe, and he was the leader of the Blood Cult’s Japanese division. It was also the place where Snow Whitney served. Of course, the Blood Cult was a secret phrase known only to high-level members.

In reality, Yukita was one of the twelve guardians of the Blood Cult.

At this moment, his spirits were lifted. “Turn on the light,” he immediately said.

When these people came in, they were very prepared. One of Divine Blood’s members instantly turned on a large spotlight and shone in that direction.

“Branch Master, there are people on the boat!” a woman shouted in excitement as if she saw a friend or relative.

No one could blame her.

After all, being in a place like this was too stressful. With other people journeying along, that tremendous pressure could finally be relieved. While one party stood at the front of their boat, the other party stood at the end. Both parties looked at each other.

Alex looked at the people on the boat behind them. “How did you guys get in here?” he asked to the other party.


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