The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1520

Meanwhile, Maiko Chiba suddenly rushed over. Earlier, she went into the blood river to consume those countless resentful spirits. However, the growling sound from the ghost king far away exerted tremendous pressure on her. Within a short amount of time, Maiko couldn’t handle it anymore. “Master, hurry up. Allow me to go into the Stake of Exorcism. I can’t take it anymore!”

The ghost king’s growling was like a call for obedience. Maiko was also a ghost. She could also be affected by it. If she listened to it a few more times, she’d end up joining the enemy camp.

Suddenly, everyone’s facial expression turned awful.

“Rockefeller, hurry up and remove my seal. Now that everyone is on the same boat, are you still worried that I’ll attack you guys?” Trevon Lambert shouted.

“Can you fight so many resentful spirits?” Alex Rockefeller asked.

“I’ll save my strength to fight that ghost king, ” Trevon said unabashedly.

Who would believe in bullsh*t like that?

Alex and Dorothy Ass*x attacked the resentful spirits in the blood river several times, but it wasn’t very effective. Mainly, it was because there were too many resentful spirits in the blood river. Killing a few dozen to a hundred, or even up to a thousand, was of no use. They should instead save their strength until they see the ghost king.

Everyone fell silent on the boat, but they were all very nervous.

The grave danger they were about to face felt like a giant stone weighing down upon them, and it made everyone feel suffocated.

Right then, everyone heard a noise.


“No, no!”

It was a man’s voice, and it came from the other direction of the blood river.

After taking a glance, they saw that there was an intersection further down the blood river. A multitude of resentful spirits surrounded a man as he rolled around in the blood river with a terrified expression on his face. He was also heading in the same direction as the boat Alex and the others were in.

“Who is that?” Susan was shocked.

“Could it also be someone like Mr. Lambert who came in after us?” Susan asked.

Zayne York shook his head. “Not possible. That’s an intersection in the blood river. He probably came from a different direction from us… In this case, it means that someone else has entered this place.”

“Let’s rescue him and ask him,” Alex said.

Everyone couldn’t quite comprehend this. That person was over a hundred meters away from their boat, and there were so many resentful spirits down there. They couldn’t even see the blood river itself. How were they going to save him?

In the end, Alex actually jumped off the boat. As his body floated in the air, he gathered endless lightning power around him.

With a grabbing motion of one hand, a sizzling sound could be heard. It was as if he held a myriad of lightning bolts in his hand. He then flung the lightning bolts forward.

“Holy sh*t!” At some point, Quincy Zoppins had woken up. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Alex floating mid-air. “It’s the god of thunder!” he exclaimed.


Beneath them, a passageway was created by a multitude of lightning bolts.

All the resentful spirits that were struck cried out pitifully. Some perished, while others escaped.

Freya Mayer’s pupils reflected the glare of the lightning bolts. Suddenly, she was so shocked that she couldn’t speak.

‘This fellow is powerful!’ she thought.

The man in the blood river also witnessed this scene. He, too, was shocked. However, due to his will for survival, he started to
shout. “Help, help!”


Alex generated electricity beneath his feet and dashed forward on the blood river. He forcefully grabbed that person away from a bunch of resentful spirits before rushing back to the boat.

After the man’s feet landed on the shipboard, he sighed loudly. “Thank you so much…” He said while still feeling fearful.

Before he could finish his sentence, a sword was pressed against his neck. “Speak. Who are you? Why are you here?”


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