The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1519

This sound immediately made one’s scalp prickle, and one would even feel chills rising from the sole of one’s feet to the rest of the body. Even ghosts would tremble in fear when they heard this.


Kenneth Sunder’s mental strength was the weakest amongst everyone. After hearing the growl, his entire head was aching. With a thump, he kneeled to the ground and reached for his head as he cried out. Even his ears were bleeding. “Ahh! Stop growling, stop growling!” he shouted.

However, covering his ears was pointless.

This was not a typical sound. Instead, it was a kind of growling sound that came from the mental dimension. It was capable of piercing through souls.

Even for someone like Alex Rockefeller, who had formidable mental power, he’d still feel awful.

Meanwhile, the coffin boat they were in started to speed up.

The more they went forward, the stronger the ghastly growl became. It felt as if their heads were about to explode.

Susan Hunter popped her head out of the boat and looked down. Her facial expression instantly changed drastically. “Alex, quick, look. The number of resentful spirits in the blood river is growing. They are pushing us forward. What exactly is there? Could it be Land of Ghosts?”

Alex looked down and saw swarms of resentful spirits. He could see them without even activating his spiritual eye. That was because these resentful spirits had manifested physically.

Not only that, but there was an even more significant number of resentful spirits floating up to join the group in pushing the boat.

Waltz Fleur, Maya Howards, Zayne York, and the others also walked to the boat’s edge. After seeing this, they began to doubt their eyes.

“We can’t keep going forward. This ghastly growl is powerful. It’s a ghost king, at the very least. On top of that, there are so many resentful spirits in the blood river. If we go there, we’ll be dead for sure,” Freya Mayer said.

“What do you propose?” Alex asked.

“Yeah, Miss Mayer. You people from Exorcist Dragons are the best at dealing with supernatural beings like these. If you have any way to help us, hurry up and do it! Now isn’t the time to hold back,” Darven Mikail said.

“Step aside. I’ll give it a try,” Freya said.

Alex nodded. “I’ll push the boat,” he said.

Alex rushed to the front of the boat. He gathered his spiritual power around his palm and struck the blood river.

“I’ll try too!” Maya came over to help. Maya tried using Silver Frost to freeze up the blood river.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned. There were too many resentful spirits in the blood river. Before Maya’s Silver Frost even took shape, it’d been torn apart.

The resentful spirits had ferocious expressions on their faces. It sent chills down one’s spine.

Dorothy Ass*x also came over. She was frowning deeply. “I didn’t think there’d actually be a hundred thousand resentful spirits floating around here. There’s so much blood that it has formed a river. This is way too shocking. Even a tomb of ancient gods wouldn’t be this horrendous. It really is a setup for certain death. I wonder who the master of this tomb could be,” she said.

“Isn’t it Caesar?” Maya asked.

Dorothy shook her head. “It’s probably someone else,” she said.

Right then, Freya’s voice could be heard. “I summon upon the power of limitless skies, the origin of all spells, the ends of the galaxy, the karmic cycle of Yin and Yang, death and life, and the edict of the Dragon God!”

Freya then cut herself on the palm. Using her blood, she drew a spell formation.

After that, she blasted it into the blood river.

In the next moment, a hexagonal formation with bright pillars of flames formed in the blood river. It was as if a six-pointed, star-shaped hole had been created in the blood river. Meanwhile, those resentful spirits were gradually sucked into the hole.

Dorothy had a strange look in her eyes as she observed this for a while. ‘I didn’t think this woman could be so strong. It seems like she does have some connection to the Dragon race,’ Dorothy thought.

Unfortunately, Freya’s level of cultivation wasn’t that strong.

Such spell formations that engulfed resentful spirits required a continuous consumption of her Chi and fresh blood. Every time she activated it, it could, at most, last half a minute. After half a minute, the power of the spell formation would decrease. After that, Freya would need to scatter a little more of her fresh blood into it.

After repeating this action three times, Freya’s face turned ashen. She became powerless after that.


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