The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2445

Chapter 2445 

When Zoey heard him asking for more money, she clenched her jaw and nodded. “Sure, I’ll wire it to you, but you better not leave any traces.” 

She hung up while looking glum. 

Even though the accident didn’t take Daisie’s life, she had probably lost her baby. 

She wore a malicious expression when she thought of that. 

That wasn’t enough though, it wasn’t bad enough yet. 

The following day, at Blackgold… 

Leonardo handed a document to Waylon and said, “Sir, I’ve looked into the car owner, and all the information is in here.” 

Waylon took the file over, and Leonardo continued. “This is Alan Trudy, a contractor from Southbank in Asperia. He committed a crime a few years ago and was fired.” 

Waylon flipped the page and drummed his fingers on the desk. “What crime?” 

“I heard that he fought at the construction site and hurt that man so badly he was disabled. He paid a huge sum for that. After he was fired, Alan never got a new job but started gambling and got into huge debt. What’s weird is…” 

Hearing the pause, Waylon raised his brows. “What’s weird?” 

Leonardo frowned. “His parents died early, and he went through two divorces. He owed about $200,000. How could a jobless gambler possibly clear off his debt in a short time?” 

Not everyone had that amount of money, especially not a gambler with no source of income. 

“When did he clear off his debt?” Waylon squinted. 

Leonardo replied, “About a week ago.” 

That night, in the room for card games in a dingy–looking apartment… 

The man who was sitting in the corner playing cards smoked while he tossed the ace to the table. 

His phone suddenly rang, and he picked it up without looking at it. “What? I’m playing.” 

The caller said something which made Alan pause. He pointed at his phone to indicate that he had to take the call, then got up and left. “Really? I’ll get there right away.” 

He walked out of the apartment and was just going to get into his car when someone opened the door at the back and sat down. Before he could react, something cold and hard was pressed against the back of his head. “Freeze.” 

Alan was shocked. He froze but looked into the rearview mirror. It was a man in a monkey mask. 

Alan gulped. “W–Who are you?” 

“It doesn’t matter. Come with me, or else…” The man paused for a few seconds before the cocking sound of the gun echoed. 

Alan shook as beads of cold sweat rolled down his back. He slowly raised his hand, looked around, and pushed the door open to escape. It was done very quickly. 

Alan half ran, half stumbled onto the road, and hailed a cab. He turned around and saw that the monkey- 

masked man was on his heels, so he immediately got into the car. 

The driver had a cap on, and his face was blocked. “Where to?” 

“No.75 of Second Alley, East Street.” 

After he said that, he turned around to look at the man that was now far behind. He sat back, out of breath, and thought, ‘Damn, who was that?‘ 

“Were you being chased? I saw that man holding something that looked like a gun. He seems to be dangerous. You should call the police.” 

After he heard what the driver said, Alan looked at him. “I don’t need you to tell me that.” 

The driver handed him a bottle of water. “It’s free. You seem to be in shock. Drink some water, and you’ll 

calm down.” 


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