The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2444

Chapter 2444 

“You have to take your medicine.” 

“But it’s so bitter.” 

Nollace smiled. “You want me to feed you?” 

“Ahem.” Waylon interrupted and smiled. “Don’t mind us watching?” 

Daisie was surprised and awkwardly hid in Nollace’s arms. “Waylon!” 

Waylon smiled. “We could leave.” 

Nollace looked at them and asked, “Why are you here?” 

Cameron walked to the bed. “We went to take a look at the video footage.” 

Daisie looked up at them. “Of the accident?” 

Cameron nodded. “It was intentional.” 

Daisie paused for a second, then lowered her head. “But… I’m glad you’re fine.” 

Daisie held her hand and smiled. “Cam, don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault.” 

Waylon pulled up a chair and sat down. “Alright, we have work to do. We need to find evidence that he had it planned.” 

In the room, Waylon told them about the results of the investigation. The accident was intentionally caused, and it was planned. As such, someone else must have been involved. 

Nollace leaned against the window and crossed his arms with a calm expression. “So, someone is behind this.” 

Waylon slowly got up. “Exactly. We need to lure them out.” 

Cameron had a feeling that something was off. “It doesn’t make sense if they are after me. I didn’t offend anyone in Bassburgh.” 

Everyone suddenly looked toward Daisie. 

Daisie was stunned for a few seconds and looked down. “Is it me?” 

Cameron wasn’t the target. It was her. 

Nollace walked to the bed, sat down, and touched her face. “Don’t worry. I’ll look into this with your brother. You need to take your meds.” 

She pouted, picked up the glass of water, and mumbled, “Fine…” 

Cameron touched her nose and stood up. “We won’t interrupt any longer then. I haven’t had dinner yet. If I keep watching this, I won’t have an appetite later.” 

Waylon smiled and held her hand. “Let’s fill up that big appetite of yours now, then.” 

“Are you calling me a glutton?” Cameron couldn’t get out of his grasp. He dragged her to the door.” Wayne, explain yourself!” 

Daisie watched as they left and tugged at Nollace’s shirt with a bitter expression. “Did you see that?” “Hmm?” Nollace raised his brows. 

She smiled. “It looks as if my brother subdued Cameron, but I think he’s going to surrender to her in the future!” 

Nollace smiled and tapped her nose. “So, do I have to subdue this silly wife of mine?” 

Daisie pushed him away. “You won’t get to.” 

He smiled. “You subdue me then.” 

In the small town… 

Zoey took a call in front of the grocery store. The caller said something which made her bite her lip. “Are you sure he won’t rat you out?” 

“Don’t worry. The police are just detaining him for questioning. They won’t be able to arrest him without evidence. I know my friend well enough to know he’s not a snitch.” 

The reply made her breathe a sigh of relief, and she leaned against the counter. “Alright, get him out of Bassburgh immediately once he’s released.” 

“Pay us more then. It’s so tough to have to play along.” 


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