The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1522

“Who are you people?” A woman asked.

“Don’t bother asking. He’s definitely William Rockefeller’s son. I didn’t think he’d manage to get through the deadly trap. We even ended up meeting here,” Yukita Ganbe said.

The woman’s eyes lit up. “In that case… Should we ask them to come onto our boat? Things aren’t going well here. It’d be good to help each other out,” she said.

“Since they managed to survive until now, their capabilities mustn’t be too bad, ” she added.

“Idiot!” Yukita promptly yelled.

“Listen!” he added.

“Listen to what?!”

The woman was stunned.

“The ghost’s growling seems to be getting closer and closer. If my estimations are right, that should be a ghost king, equivalent to a Nascent Soul cultivator. We are hopeless against a ghost king. It’s all the better that they are in front of us. Hehe! When the time comes, they’ll distract the ghost king, and we’ll use the opportunity to escape,” Yukita explained.

A few people from Divine Blood nodded too. Nobody was willing to fight the ghost king.

Trevon Lambert and the others had also thought about a scenario like this.

“Rockefeller, quick. Slow the boat down. Let their boat go first and distract the enemy, or we’ll become the ghost king’s appetizers!” Trevon yelled at the top of his voice.

Naturally, Alex Rockefeller wouldn’t feel sorry for the deaths of Blood Cult’s people. However, this time, he instantly nodded.

In the next second, Alex reached for lightning bolts with his hand and fiercely flung them against the resentful spirits beneath their boat.

Boom! Boom!

After that, Freya Mayer, Dorothy Ass*x, and the others also joined in to slaughter the resentful spirits.

“Ahh?! Branch Master, they’re killing the resentful spirits. Their boat is slowing down!” shouted one of the Divine Blood’s experts.

Immediately after that, they too began slaughtering the resentful spirits.

The Blood Cult’s people utilized blood in their attacks. Meanwhile, the blood river’s existence actually boosted their offensive powers.

With over a dozen of them joining the fight, their might was something to behold.

Unfortunately, Alex’s ultimate lightning skills and Freya’s six-pointed, star-shaped formation were too powerful. The resentful spirits underneath their boat were killed in large quantities, slowing down the boat significantly. Even if new resentful spirits floated up to push the boat, there would be a time lag before they could come in.


“We’re slowing down. We’ll be falling behind very soon!”

“Let them become the object of sacrifice. Even if Blood Cult’s people die, that’s justice on earth for the terrible things they’ve done!”

Darven Mikail started laughing loudly. However, in the next second, people from the Blood Cult actually tossed something at them.


A loud explosion ensued. Water pillars ten meters in height rose from the blood river.

A bomb had actually gone off.


“These jerks are truly awful!”

Immediately after that, there was a series of booming explosions in the blood river. Waves crashed in the air. Although such physical explosions were useless against resentful spirits, they could speed up the boat’s movement.

Not long after that, the boat Alex and the others were on drifted further apart from the Blood Cult’s boat again. Right then, it would be too late, even if they wanted to slow down.

“Hurry, look! ”

A tall tower appeared before them.

No, it was only half a tower. With only one-half remaining, its other side was gone. It was as if somebody had sliced it in half with a sword.

Meanwhile, a crystal-clear coffin that was attached to eight thick chains dangled in mid-air. The ghastly growling sounds had come from within this coffin.

In the next moment, three chains with hooks extended from the half-remaining tower and grappled the coffin boat that Alex and the others were on.

Shuffle… Shuffle… Shuffle…


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