The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2447

Chapter 2447 

After contemplating for a while, Alan set his jaw tightly and told them that Zoey was the mastermind behind the accident. 

Cameron placed her hand on her chin and said, “Oh, that actress who’s being hunted right now?” 

Alan told them that he had to live in hiding since he owed a large debt. In order to repay the debt, he could only help his friend to take care of a casino in town. His friend’s cousin used to be an actress, and she could only work in the casino after she pissed off the Goldmanns. 

That woman was young, pretty, and had a good figure. She knew how to please a man, so most of the men came to the casino because of her. No matter how much they won or lost, they just wanted to sleep with her. 

Cameron asked, “You’re talking about Zoey?” 

Alan shook his head. “No. Zoey went to look for her for help. That woman is called Tiffany.” The name rang a bell, and Waylon fell silent for a moment. After a short while, he recalled that Tiffany was the woman who had set up Nollace. 

“So, Zoey went to look for her for help. You owe a large debt, so you helped Zoey since she said she’d give you money?” 

Alan scoffed. “If it weren’t for money, do you think I’d do something that would risk myself? Since she was an actress, I supposed that she had earned a lot of money, so I asked for $100,000 from her as a deposit. 

“After she gave me the money, I helped her to look for someone to get the job done. But since we needed to pay that person, I gave him $20,000, and he agreed. However, she wanted her target dead, which is a different story. As such, I told her that $100,000 wasn’t enough.” 

Waylon chuckled. “So, you got more than $100,000 in the end. You owe those loan sharks a total of $300,000, yet you were able to pay them the money in such a short time. It seems like she has paid you a lot of money.” 

Alan needed money, so he had agreed to help Zoey. However, he was not stupid enough to do it himself. Thus, he had asked his friend to get the job done in his stead. 

Cameron clicked her tongue and said, “But you used your friend as well. He helped you, but you only gave him $20,000, and he didn’t even sell you out.” 

Alan was stunned and raised his head. “What did you say?” 

Cameron played the recording. Looking at Alan’s face, she smiled. “We lied to you. Your friend didn’t betray you. The reason he’s so arrogant is that he thinks we don’t have any evidence. But unfortunately for him, we have now.” 

“How dare you!? How dare you lie to me!?” snarled Alan. 

Cameron lifted her leg and kicked him to the floor with the chair. She stood in front of him with her arms on her waist and said, “So what if we lied to you? Do you know that I was in the car at that time? You nearly killed me.” 

Alan was stumped and could not say anything. 

Cameron gave the recording pen to Waylon and said, “See? I told you I could do it.” 

Waylon chuckled and rubbed her hair. “Yeah. I didn’t expect you to record everything he 


Cameron smacked his hand away and said, “If we didn’t record it, we would be in big trouble if he refused to admit everything he said. This is the safest way.” 

They gave the recording to the police. After the police got the evidence, and since it was related to Zoey, who was being hunted by the police right now, they soon found their way to the town. 

Many people were gambling in the casino when the police arrived. Meanwhile, the police also discovered some illegal activities in the casino. 


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