The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1923

Chapter 1923 “Mitchell from Zestar is looking for my identity. I think he wants to get back on his feet by selling my information to the media,but I can’t come forward and settle the problem.” The chairman understood what Noilace wanted.

“So, you want me to help you settle this problem?” He nodded.

“You’re the chairman of Tenet Media, and you’re considered an influential figure in the entertainment industry.

You’re the best candidate to step in and solve this problem, and…”

He paused for a few secondsand rhythmically tapped on the mirror’s side.

“If Mitchell manages to get back on his feet through the media, it’ll also affect Tenet Media.

After all, I’m the one who exposed the scandal between him and Susan.

Besides, I am a shareholder of Tenet, and the public might not be happy when they learn about it.”

The chairman knew whathe was talking about.

Mitchell had bullied Daisie while shooting the film together.

Initially, it was just a small matter, but after the incident went out of hand and he was exposed for lying to hisfans, he got punished by Zestar.

Noilace was one of the shareholders of Tenet.

He did not want to reveal his identity because he did not want Daisie

Tenet did not have any cooperation with the Goldmanns, and Daisiehad come here because she wanted to prove to everyone she could get the Best Actress award without the help of her family.

She had been getting a lot of attention ever since she joined the entertainment industry because of her identity.

Once Mitchell sold the information to the media and made them happy, they would be very much willing to help him clear his name.

At that time, Nollace’s identity would be exposed.

Once everyone knew that Daisie’s boyfriend was one of Tenet’s shareholders, even if nobody was going to suspect anything, there wouldalways be a group of people who tried to pull her down from her throne by smearing her name.

No matter what Daisie did or who she was, she was an artist under Tenet.

Not only that, but she had brought a lot of profit to Tenet, and it went without saying that Tenet would do everything they couldto protect their artist.

The chairman nodded and said yes.

Meanwhile, Mitchell came to a coffee shop.

He walked up to a booth on the second floor, and the woman sitting in the seat had her face fully covered.

It was only when Mitchell appeared that she took off her scarf.

It was Susan.

“Why are you looking for me now? Do you think I’m not f *cked up enough?” Zestar had abandoned her, and she couldn’t workat all.

She wanted to terminate her contract with Zestar but couldn’t afford to pay the penalty of $500,000.

As for Mitchell, Zestar had decided to give him a second chance because he was an A-lister.

Even though he did not get many resources right now, at the very least, he could still continue to work.

Mitchell sat down and said, “Well, you can’t blame me on that.

You took advantage of me as well, remember?” “Are you here to laugh at me?” snarled Susan.

“Of course, I’m not.” Mitchell smiled.

“I’m here to give you a chance.” “Give me a chance?” she asked with a frown.

“We’re not a match for Daisie, and we can only blame our fate for ending up likethis.

Don’t you want to terminate your contract with Zestar? You have a chance right now.” “What doyou mean?” Susan was skeptical.

Mitchell continued.

“The media now want to know who Daisie’s boyfriend is.

If you can find out who he is and sell his information to the media , you won’t haveto worry about the fee you have to pay for terminating your contract.” Susan was stunned.

She had been reading a lot of news lately, so she knew that Daisie had announced her engagement.

The media went to great lengths to get the information about Daisies boyfriend, but if someone could gethis identity faster than them, the media would buy the information.

However, she thought of something and said, “Why should I trust you? Besides, do you think those people are idiots? There’s no way theywould give me so much money just to get the identity of one person.” That’s right.

No one will be willing to pay $500,000 for a person’s identity.’

Mitchell looked at her and grinned.

“Those official media outlets won’t pay this much, but how about those guys in the private sector? Are you sure they’re not interested?”

Susan took a deep breath.

Many people worked in the private sector, such as the paparazzi.

Many paparazzi’s companies also worked as private investigators.

In particular, those rich people would hire them to help them gather some information, and they would pay them handsomely.

In other words, they were not short of money at all.


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