The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1952

Chapter 1952 Once Nollace walked into the villa with Freyja, he nodded toward Maisie. “Mrs. Goldmann.” 

Freyja greeted her too. “Hello, Mrs. Goldmann.” 

She didn‘t want to come, but Daisie had just been discharged from the hospital, and it would be impolite if she didn‘t show up. Furthermore, no one would suspect anything if she went over with her cousin. 

Maisie looked at her and smiled. “I‘m glad you‘re here. Make yourself at home.” Freyja walked to Daisie, who tugged at her sleeve and leaned in. “When are you going to tell my mom that you and Colton– Mm!” Freyja covered her mouth. Nollace looked toward them, smiled, then stopped next to Maisie. “Let me help you.” Maisie paused, then smiled and patted his shoulder.” Alright then, thanks.” He nodded. “Don‘t mention it!” 

Daisie brought Freyja upstairs and bumped into Colton, who was coming out of the study. Colton looked at Freyja, who was standing next to Daisie, 

and froze before walking forward. 

Freyja held onto Daisie‘s arm and avoided eye contact.” Daisie, don‘t you have a dog? Can I see it?” 

Daisie paused. “But… Goldbar is in the backyard.” “Let‘s go there then.” 

Freyja turned around, but someone pulled her by the collar from behind. 

Colton walked in front of her and blocked her path. “I‘ll bring you there.” 

Freyja smiled awkwardly. “It‘s fine then.” She looked toward Daisie. “Nollace is downstairs. I‘ll go see if he needs any help,” said Daisie and ran down the stairs. 

Freyja froze there as she had forgotten that Daisie was Colton‘s accomplice. 

Colton walked close to her. 

She put her hand on his chest and turned her face away.” Aren‘t you afraid that someone might see us?” 

Colton held her hand. “Let them see then.” 

Freyja was stunned. ‘What does he mean by that? Is he going to make things official?? “Cole.” Nolan‘s voice came from the study, and the 

couple immediately split when the door opened. 

Nolan stood at the doorway, looked at Freyja, and frowned. “Who‘s this?” 

“Freyja Pruitt, Daisie‘s friend.” Nolan nodded and looked at him. “Did you get what I told you just now?” 

“Yes, Dad.” 

“Let‘s go downstairs.” Nolan left. Colton relaxed because he didn‘t know how to tell his parents about his relationship with Freyja. It was best to find a better time. 

He turned and was about to say something but realized that Freyja was no longer there. 

Freyja walked to the backyard alone, stopped next to the flower bed, and rubbed her temples. ‘Was I hoping that he‘d come clean about our relationship?‘ 

She didn‘t mind that Colton didn‘t do that because it wouldn‘t work anyway. This secret relationship would eventually end when he chose to marry the girl that his family chose for him. 

That being said, she felt sad when he didn‘t come clean. It made her feel uncomfortable. When did she start veering 

away from her initial thoughts and wanting more? 

She stood there deep in thought but suddenly felt something soft and wet licking her fingers. She was stunned and looked down–a furry animal was standing next to her, sniffing her out. Freyja wasn‘t afraid of dogs, but she had assumed that Daisie‘s dog would be a small one, like a poodle. 


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