The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1962

Chapter 1962 Freyja‘s body stiffened, and she turned around abruptly, faced him, and said, “I‘m not feeling well.” 

Colton responded calmly, “I know.” 

“Then why are you still…” 

“Can‘t I even hug you during such times?” 

Colton brushed her hair off her cheek with his fingers and placed his palm on it. “If it hurts badly, you must take your medicine immediately. You‘re not allowed to act brave when you‘re sick.” 

“This woman really thinks that I‘m a beast. If I didn‘t know that she‘s not feeling too well, I would‘ve…‘ 

Freyja did not expect that he would sincerely care about her, and her eyelashes twitched. After a short silence, she asked, “Can I ask you a question?” 

He responded with a soft hum, “What‘s that?” 

Freyja lowered her gaze. “Do you want kids?” 

He was stunned. His eyes were fixed on her face, but the light in the room was too dark, so he could not see her expression clearly at the moment. “But you don‘t want one, do you?” 

‘If she wanted to have one, why would she take those 

pills before this?‘ 

Freyja choked on her own words. Even though the light was dim, she could still sense that he was staring at her and avoided his gaze. “I‘m asking for your opinion now.” Colton smiled. “That depends on you.” 

She froze in place. “What do you mean by that?” 

He embraced her in his arms, closed his eyes, and replied, “If you‘re already pregnant with a kid, then I‘ll take the baby in. But if you‘re not, there‘s no rush to that either.” 

Freyja snuggled in his arms. 

Does that mean that he‘ll want to keep the baby if I‘m already pregnant? But I‘m still so young. Do I really want to give birth to this child?‘ In the end, she could not open up and talk to him about her pregnancy. She decided that she would find another suitable time to tell him. 

At the same time, at the Lust Bar… 

James was sitting at the bar with a peaked cap. He was there drinking alone, and he had drunk a little too much. 

At this time, a s*xy lady sitting at the table next to him came over with a wine glass. “Mr. Tell, I‘ve long admired you. Can I take the seat next to you?” 

James took a glance at her and laughed. “I don‘t need the companion of a woman.” 

The girl chuckled and approached him. “But I do think that you need it.” James put down the wine glass, took out his wallet, and took a stack of big bills out of it. “Take the money and get 


He got up and left. 

The girl glanced at the men sitting at another table. The men nodded knowingly, got up one after another, and 

followed James. 

When James came to the parking lot, he was suddenly stopped by a group of men. He had already drunk some wine and was in a bad mood. Looking at the appearance of those men, he was not afraid. “What‘s wrong with you, people? Do you plan to bully me with a number advantage?” 

“How dare you disrespect our sister? You asked for this.” The man who stepped forward moved his arms and shoulders around to loosen his muscles and smirked. “If you‘re sensible enough, you‘ll go back to the bar and apologize to her.” 

He snorted. “It‘s just a fight, isn‘t it? I, James Tell, have never been afraid of anyone when it comes to a fight.” 

Those men exchanged gazes and rushed up to him. 

In the parking lot, James and a few of them scuffled together. He was really not afraid of the crowd, and he 

still had the upper hand at first. However, unfortunately, he was soon outnumbered as he got assaulted several times and got himself into a tight situation. 

He was beaten to the ground and had a hard time fighting back. 

Those men then punched and kicked him ruthlessly. 

A beam of car light flashed at them, and the car‘s horn sounded extremely harsh as it pierced through the parking lot. 

When those men saw someone coming, they ignored the man lying on the ground and left in a hurry. 

James stood up with a rough look, picked up his cap, and put it on again. He looked depressed as he turned around and was about to leave. 

“Mr. Tell.” The woman in the car stopped him. 

He stopped in place and turned to look at the woman sitting in the back seat. 

It was Giselle. 

Disregarding his beaten – up appearance at the moment, he walked over and leaned forward against the window.” Yo, what a coincidence, Ms. Peterson? Are you the one who helped me just now?”. 


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