The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1058

This guy, how many people in the world had he killed? Even if god didn’t kill this kind of person, he would!
“Boss, what the hell is coming?”
“Why is there such a strong stench of blood in the air? Could it be a demonic cultivator?” One of the members from Missouri’s division asked nervously.
The people in Amaryllis Tower had scattered in fright from the stomp that Alex had made, and not a single person continued to stand in the way of the people from the Divine Constabulary at this moment.
Didn’t they see the great power that a Grandmaster and elder of the Divine Constabulary had shown? Wasn’t it equivalent to digging their own grave if they continued to stay put?
However, there was still one outsider who was present. It was Frankly Lee, the owner of Brilliant Ice Pharmaceutical.
After Anna caught him, Franky had been handcuffed to the railing of the stairs. With what little capabilities he had, how could he possibly escape?
And now, even a Grandmaster like this Alex had retreated to the outer wall as though he was going to face a major enemy while he was still locked in place by the handrail. He was anxious, and cold sweat poured from his forehead non-stop. He begged Anna loudly, “Let me go, please, I beg you! Whatever you want, I’ll promise to do it!”
However, nobody responded to him.
Anna grabbed onto Alex’s hand. Her eyes fixed upon the deep depths of Amaryllis Tower.
Alex said in a low voice, “You better leave. The further you can, the better.”
But, it was too late.
A red shadow rushed forward at lightning speed, whizzing out from the inside through the Amaryllis Tower’s lobby in an instant, and stood in front of everyone.
It had also blocked off the path to the doors.
“Leaving? But, where are you going?” A voice rang out. The red shadow turned out to be the old man who had rushed out from the secret room below the tower.
His eyes swept across the place, finally landing upon Alex. “It’s you, the one who dealt with my ghost doll? Hand it over immediately, and I may still leave behind a dried-up corpse of your body.”
Usually, when other people said this, they would say, ‘leave your corpse intact’.
He was telling him that he would leave a mummified corpse behind directly.
Alex looked at the old man, the murderous intent inside him intensified.
Using his Third Eye, he could tell with a glance that the grievance inside the old man was sky-high. More importantly, where others that had entangled with so many aggrieved souls would usually be dead by this point, not only was this old man still alive, he had even turned them all into his power. This was because the old man had the blood of all the resentful spirits in him.
He had drunk the blood of those people while they had been alive and took away their souls after their death, turning them into wraith puppets to become part of his great powers.
At this moment, he had nearly three thousand wraith puppets by his side!
What kind of idea had this man come up with?
This guy had killed at least three thousand people!
He had devoured them fresh while they were still alive and had let them die in excruciating pain.
It was extremely cruel. A terrible sin. For this kind of man to continue living, it was a stain on all of humankind.
“You deserve to die!” Alex spat out coldly.
The old man snorted coldly. “I don’t want to. You can donate your corpse instead!”
Having said that, he turned into a red shadow with just a single move and reached out his hands to grab at Alex.
“What speed! I couldn’t even see his shadow!” Jamie exclaimed in shock. The old man moved so fast he only left behind a long, red shadow after he moved.
“Hahaha, brat! You have a good body, and you’ll be an obedient slave in the future! Give me some blood!” The old man was still in his shadow form, but he didn’t stop and chose to round Alex at a fast speed… The bloodied aura leaked from his body, the devilish magic surged, looking like a car wheel spinning like crazy.
A crisp slap rang out suddenly at this moment, and the members of the Divine Constabulary all heard it clearly. The shadow spinning around Alex stopped abruptly, and the old man’s body fell to the ground like discarded rubbish.


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