The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1059

Looking at the old man on the ground looking like a dead beast, Anna and the others were speechless. It had just been spinning around Alex just now, like a flaming wheel. He was just pretending to be funny, right?
He had been prattling on about how great he was, and now he had been brought down with just a single slap?
Gideon laughed loudly and said, “So, the old man was just some useless guy. I thought he really was some old demon cultivator. He frightened me that I almost peed my pants, so he was just playing some magic tricks on us!”
As soon as he said that, the old man on the ground flashed and turned into a bloody shadow suddenly, disappearing from where it had fallen.
“Watch out!” Travis called out. He had a bad feeling about what he had just seen.
However, it was too late.
The red shadow wrapped itself around Gideon, lifting him from the ground in the next second. Gideon screamed in surprise, which stopped abruptly, almost immediately. The few of them only saw the red shadow spinning around at a fast pace in the air once again, and then an object fell to the ground a few moments later.
With one glance, they saw that it was Gideon’s body.
It had become a mummified corpse. All the blood had been sucked dry.
“Ahhhh!” Anna screamed with terror and worry in her eyes. Such a crazy, brutal method of killing someone was unheard of, and more importantly, it was extremely quick.
Franky was right next to the mummified corpse, and he opened his mouth wide, wanting to scream. However, he knew on the inside that he couldn’t. Otherwise, if he attracted the attention of that old devil, he would be done for.
He firmly bit down on his hand to stop himself from screaming in the end.
After the old demon was finished with Gideon, he stood on the ground once more, his body once more whole and the bloody aura around him even stronger than before. The three thousand resentful spirits around him let out a piercing scream.
His eyes turned completely black and looked terrifying and strange.
“Brat, I didn’t expect that you’ve also reached the Divine Transcendence realm. I had underestimated you, but this is so much better. Once I devour your flesh and blood, my Shadow Blood Demon Arts will be able to rise through to another level. Haha, I get more excited the more I think about it!”
Alex snorted coldly, not saying a single word in response.
Travis’s face changed drastically when he heard that. “Shadow Blood Demon Arts?! Are you the remnants of those who worship the Blood Cult?!”
The old demon laughed sinisterly. “So what if I am? Did you think that it is so easy to destroy those who worship the Blood Cult? It won’t be long before the Blood Cult will rise again and take over America. We will have all seventy two families from the six factions in the Golden Era to pay the price with their blood.”
When he said that, Travis’s face looked even more grave than ever.
Then, the old demon pointed at Alex. “Today, you’ll be the offering I give to worship the Blood Cult!”
He stomped his foot heavily on the ground, and from his body appeared three phantoms. There were a total of four figures in addition to himself, and all of them launched a fierce assault at Alex.
With such a mysterious technique, everyone from the Divine Constabulary was shocked, and they yelled out in surprise one after another.
How was this still martial arts?! Even if it was a martial arts Grandmaster, it was doubtful that they would have such a mysterious technique like splitting their bodies like this.
What made Travis and the others more bewildered was that all of them looked to have solid bodies, and they couldn’t tell which was fake and real. It really looked like there were four blood demons, as all of them looked the same and real.
There was heavy pressure from all four, and the bloody, demonic energy, as well as the monstrous evil aura, poured out from them.
The four magic shadows moved at an incredibly fast speed. The unique characteristic of the Shadow Blood Demon Arts was that it was fast
So, everyone on the scene couldn’t really see properly what was happening in front of them.
Forget about Travis and the others, even Anna, who was standing behind Alex, didn’t know what was happening. She only felt Alex’s arm wrapped around her waist, giving her the wondrous secure feeling. It felt as though as long as he was around, nothing would happen to her, even if the sky were to fall.
A burst of spiritual energy exploded. It was followed by a crisp, clear, ‘slap’!
In the next moment, the four magic shadows had disappeared, leaving only one behind.
The old demon fell heavily to the ground once again, just like before.
He spat out mouthfuls of blood when he opened his month. There were even a few teeth mixed with it.
The old demon got up. His pupils still pitch black, a look of disbelief upon his face. “Impossible. How could you have found my real body?”
The expression upon his face looked as though someone had stepped on his lifelong faith, and his world had completely crumbled. It had obviously been such a powerful Shadow Blood Demon Art. How could it be so useless in front of this person?
Alex stood where he was and said, “I didn’t find your real body.”
“Then, how did you…”


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