The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1963

Chapter 1963 Giselle handed him a tissue. “Wipe the corner of your lips. It‘s bleeding.” 

He did not grab the tissue from her and only wiped the blood from the corner of his lips with his hand. “It‘s alright. I‘m born to take a beating.” 

After saying that, he walked toward his own car. 

The driver adjusted the rearview mirror and watched with a disdainful expression as James drove away. “That fella doesn‘t even know how to show his appreciation. I really don‘t know how this piece of crap rose to fame in showbiz.” 

‘If the young lady hadn‘t lent him a helping hand, he‘d still be getting his *ss kicked by those thugs.‘ 

Giselle retracted her gaze. “He‘s able to rise to fame, which means that he has the strength to support his career. Alright, let‘s go back first.” 

The next day, at Tenet… 

Daisie walked past the manager‘s office and heard Charlie‘s voice. “James, you’re indeed a leopard that can‘t change its spots, aren‘t you? I told you not to get into a fight and cause more trouble, and there you go. You went to a bar and fought with someone else again!” 

Charlie threw a newspaper on the table. 

There was a picture of James fighting with the men from the bar last night, which happened to have been captured by the paparazzi. 

Charlie was exasperated as he glared at James, who was sitting on the couch with bruises on his face. “This is already the second time, James. Are you trying to ruin your own stardom and career?” 

James scratched his ears. “It‘s not that I wanted to fight. They‘re the ones who started it. I‘ll be beaten too, even if I don‘t fight back.” 

Charlie scoffed angrily. “What were you doing at the bar when you didn‘t have to be there? Everything would still be fine if you hadn‘t gone to the bar, wouldn‘t it?” 

James stood up. “Okay, I‘ll handle this matter myself.” 

Charlie snorted. “You‘d better be. Don‘t you dare come back to me if you can‘t resolve this matter.” 

James opened the door and just so happened to see Daisie standing at the door. 

In the lounge, Daisie helped James to apply all the bandages, and James hissed. “Jeez, be gentle! Are you trying to kill me?”. 

Daisie rolled her eyes. “Don’t you know how to get one of those bodyguards that you have to follow you around 

when you go to a place like a bar? How did it feel getting your butt kicked?” 

He hissed again. “I‘m not as squeamish as you women. Why would I need to bring a bodyguard along?” 

Daisie finished wiping the ointment for him, and she could see that he was trying to act bravely and preserve his street credit. “Okay, take good care of your face. You still need to rely on that face of yours to keep yourself in the industry, so don‘t ruin it.” 

James pouted, said nothing, and looked around. “Why haven‘t I seen Freyja today?” Daisie replied, “She‘s not feeling well, so she‘s resting today.” 

“What happened to her?” 

Daisie glanced at him. “Instead of caring about her, take better care of yourself.” 

*This fella has been beaten to a pulp, yet he‘s still in the mood to worry about others.‘ 

Daisie received a call at this time. 

It was from the producing company. 

She walked to the side to answer the call. And after the other party said something to her, she was astonished for half a second. “What do you mean by me having to change roles?” 

“I‘m sorry, Ms. Vanderbilt . This is because the investor has decided on getting another actor to play the role of Nancy Hanks, and they‘ve claimed that if she doesn‘t get to play that specific role, they won‘t invest in the production of this drama. Ms. Vanderbilt, would you consider a change of role?” 

Daisie remained silent. 

‘Being replaced as an actress in a project because of the investor‘s designation is a normal scenario in showbiz, but this role is what I want to play the most.‘ 

After a long while, she responded, “If you want me to give up on this role, then I might as well let go of the project.” Daisie did not wait for the other party to say anything and hung up the call. 

James looked at her and teased her. “Someone actually snatched your role?” “The daughter of the Goldmanns has actually been robbed of her role.‘ 

She folded her arms. “Isn‘t this a normal thing to encounter?” 

“It‘s a normal thing to see, but it‘s not normal when you‘re the victim.” James grinned. “Why don‘t you get your father to invest in the project? If that‘s the case, you‘ll be able to play whichever role that you want, won‘t 



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