The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1965

Chapter 1965 “Why did you become so weak as soon as you arrived in Bassburgh? Are you not acclimatized to the local atmosphere?” 

‘Ever since she came to Bassburgh, she‘s been falling ill quite frequently.‘ Freyja choked and was amused. “Yeah, I probably haven‘t gotten used to it yet.” 

“You‘ll surely get used to it when you marry Colton.” 

“Daisie!” Freyja‘s cheeks were slightly flushed. Suddenly , she covered her mouth , retched on the spot, then got up and sprinted straight to the bathroom. Daisie followed her along. “Freyja!” Freyja had not eaten anything in the morning, so all she vomited was bile, and her face looked extremely pale from the discomfort. 

Daisie knocked on the door. “Freyja, are you really okay? Do you want to go to the hospital?” Freyja washed her face and opened the door, and it could be felt that she had gotten weaker. “I‘m fine. There‘s no need to go to the hospital…”. “How are you fine? You were vomiting like…” Daisie 

paused for a few seconds, stared at Freyja, and thought of her retching reaction, which looked similar to when her godmother was pregnant. “Freyja , are you pregnant !?” 

Freyja‘s expression turned rigid instantly, and she wanted to deny it subconsciously , but her mouth went faster than her brain, and she exclaimed , “How did you 


“Is that true?” Daisie‘s eyes lit up, and she was still immersed in the joy of being promoted in the family.” Am I going to become an aunt?” 

She lowered her gaze. “Daisie, can you keep it a secret for me first?” 

Daisie was stunned for a few seconds. “Don‘t you want others to know?” 

Freyja avoided her gaze. “I want to surprise Colton, so please help me for now.” 

Daisie smiled and grabbed her hand. “Don‘t worry. If you want to surprise Colton, I‘ll keep it a secret for you. Colton will be startled and very happy when he learns about this.” 

‘Waylon is still single and alone while Colton is already on his way to becoming a dad.‘ Freyja smiled. “I hope so.” 

For two consecutive days, the controversy of “Daisie‘s role being snatched” continued to ferment on the Internet, and the trend had not diminished at all. Many netizens even claimed that they would give up watching the drama if Daisie did not play Nancy Hanks. Nobody knew if it was due to the pressure the producers received from the public opinion, but they had removed the announcement that claimed Zoey would take on the role of Nancy Hanks when they last uploaded a post on Twitter. Even Zoey had deleted her Twitter post and uploaded a new one. 

#I know I‘m not good enough, but I only depend on myself.# 

With that post being uploaded, she got called out by netizens for connoting the fact that Daisie got the role because of her identity. 

Daisie did not plan to be outdone by a newcomer on Twitter and commented. 

#Gosh, if I were to know that this would happen, I should‘ve asked my family to just invest in this drama.# The netizens and fans saw her reply and were entertained by the comments. 

A few minutes later, Zoey, who was ridiculed by the – netizens, deleted her post. 

On the other side of the city, at Tenet… 

At the board meeting, the investors hoped to negotiate with the chairman to get Daisie to give up on this role and promised to compensate the agency for its loss. 

Before the chairman had the chance to speak, Charlie had already voiced his dissatisfaction. “I can totally understand that you want to support your employee, but the role has been given to Daisie and belongs to her. Yet, you guys just come in and snatch it without providing any explanation beforehand. Frankly speaking, if this were to happen to your party, could you take this news without making a fuss out of it?” 

The investors looked at each other in dismay. Charlie had always been known as one of the industry‘s most difficult agents to communicate with. With him sitting in the room, it would be difficult for the chairman to agree to do them this favor even if he wanted to. 

The other party toned themselves down and said, “I know what you‘re trying to say, but we‘re all in the same circle. We can all see Ms. Vanderbilt‘s acting skills and recognize her efforts and achievements . Besides, she‘s never lacked the resources, so there‘s no need for her to go so harsh against a newcomer—” 

“Are you planning to threaten us with this moral high ground?” Charlie threw the document on the table, and his attitude was disdainful. “Must Daisie take a step backward whenever she‘s asked to make way for a newcomer only because she‘s been crowned the best 

actress? Has anyone not made ways for you in your little game of vanity?” 


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