The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1060

“Because I was faster than you.”
“I beat up all four of your shadows at once. Who cares which one of you was fake or real? What’s the point in knowing that?”
The corner of the old man’s lips twitched, and he felt as though he had just received a thousand critical hits. The blood energy on his body surged up in the next instant, and all three thousand wraith puppets roared one after another, twisting and joining to form a giant wraith puppet at least five meters high.
Moreover, this puppet was different from the previous ones. It was a physical manifestation.
There was no need for the spiritual eye. Even ordinary people could see it with their naked eyes.
The gigantic wraith puppet roared. Its mouth opened wide, black air surging forward.
“What the hell is that?!”
“It… It..! It looks like a demon, Blood Devourer, from the Blood Cult!”
It was Travis, who was more knowledgeable on this matter, who called out.
Faced with such a supernatural enemy, the people from the Divine Constabulary all trembled. Franky Lee had already peed in his pants, and Anna was gripping Alex’s arms tightly… Alright, fine, Alex himself was also quite surprised. This was the first time he had come face to face with such an existence, with such surging magical energy.
The old demon had regained his confidence once again.
“Brat, you should feel honored to be the first to die at the hands of my Blood Devourer. From now on, you will become part of it and will contribute to the Blood Cult! Kill him!”
The Blood Devourer transformed into a red, blood light beam under his command and shot at Alex and Anna.
Anna’s face was as pale as paper, and she said in a frightened voice, “Alex, what do we do?”
Alex held her with one arm and raised his other hand above his head. He whispered, “I have a sword that can cut through the
He was talking about Dragon’s Bane of Thirty-Six. The first sword, the Sword of the Universe!
This was also the first sword formation that Alex had managed to crack and its corresponding dragon bone sword.
Once the sword appeared, it was as though the Milky Way appeared and hung above them and that even mountains in the world crumbled at the sight of it.
The five-meter high Blood Devourer was split in half. Then, it scattered, turning back into countless wraith puppets, and fled back to the old man’s side.
The old demon was stunned for a while, fury vibrating through his entire being.
Alex’s sword had directly cut through his puppets and cost him half of the amount he had of them!
His heart bled at the thought.
The people from the Divine Constabulary, who saw such a domineering sword, were extremely shocked. They turned to Alex, looking at him like he was the coming of a messiah.
“Ahhh! You bastard, you’ve crossed the line!” The old demon roared hysterically. He needed to work something out. His life depended on it!
However, the first target he focused on was Travis. He needed fresh blood and meat.
Travis was an Earth rank warrior, and his blood energy was extremely strong.
Alex kept away the dragon bone sword and warned loudly as he prepared to cast Thunder Palm Mantra. Hundreds of wraith puppets swarmed around him the moment he said that, and to protect Anna, he had no way to extend help.
That small period of delay caused Travis to be caught by the old demon’s Blood Shadow Demon Arts and instantly turned into a mummy. But the old demon was frantic and was not satisfied with just that. Seeing how the rest of the Missouri division’s members gathered together, he rounded them all up.
Crack, splatter!
Apart from Stacey, a dead person walking, every single member from the Missouri division was annihilated.
Simultaneously, the old demon suddenly felt something and turned around abruptly, his angry eyes wide.
He found that Alex had somehow gotten his hands on a Stake of Exorcism, as well as a female ghost general, and was devouring his wraith puppets. They had already swallowed hundreds of them when he saw this.


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