The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1967

Chapter 1967 One of them was the Godfather who controlled the entire underground scene of Ora, Fabio Puzo, and the other was the biggest crime boss in East Eurasia, Sunny Southern.

Noilace rested his head on his hand and leaned against the window. “If he can hide there, he must have some help.”

Edison remembered something. “By the way, Mrs. Pruitt is here.”

Noilace looked out the window. “I knew my aunt wouldn’t just let things rest. Tell Colton about this. He should protect his woman.”

At the hospital… Freyja threw up so much that she went to the doctor to get some medication. When she got the medication, a call came through.

The name of the caller made her frown. She never contacted her father, so a discomfort crawled up her skin.

She picked up, and her father anxiously asked, “Fey, have you seen your mother?”

Freyja froze on the spot. “What did you say?” Brandon said, “After your mom found out that you were with Young Mr. Goldmann, she left home without telling me. She must have come to Zlokova to see you.”

Freyja’s face froze while she grasped her phone tightly. “She… is in Zlokova?”

It had been three years. She had assumed that if she left Yaramoor, she would be able to leave all the sadness and trauma left by her mother behind. However, she never thought that her mother would come to Zlokova.

“Fey, be careful.”

He suddenly reminded her. “Your mother isn’t in her best mental state. After your brother’s passing, she completely lost her mind. I’m worried that she might do something extreme.

“I’m sorry, Fey, I’m too weak and never protected you. I really hope that you can have a good life, so no matter what your mother does, you have to be very careful.”

He then hung up.

Freyja stood there feeling confused. “Ms. Pruitt, your medication.” The nurse’s voice drew her back. She took it and left quickly. After hailing a cab, she got a call from Tenet, and they said that a woman who claimed to be her mother was there with a child, Meanwhile, at Blackgold…

Daisie went to the executive offices through the elevator. The secretary saw her and smiled.” Ms. Vanderbilt, are you here to see Mr. Goldmann?” After the staff saw her, they were very excited and took out their phones to take pictures. She

was the winner of the Best Actress award, Mr. Goldmann’s sister. Working at Blackgold allowed them to see them, which was a huge benefit.

“I brought food here. Is he busy?”

The secretary smiled and said. “I’ll inform him.” She smiled sweetly. “Thanks.”

After the secretary called into the office, she said, “You can go in now.”

Daisie went in with some pastries and saw Leonardo with Colton.

Leonardo nodded. “Ms. Vanderbilt.” She waved her hand, and he left. Colton raised his eyebrows and looked at the pastries in her hands. “You still remember me?” “Of course I do.” Daisie walked to his desk and left the food on it. “How could I forget you and Wayion?”


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