The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1966

Chapter 1966 

The investors didn‘t look happy. 

The chairman raised his hand to cut things off. “Enough, there‘s no need to argue.” 

Everyone looked toward him while he slowly spoke.“ Since a decision can‘t be made, let‘s let the netizens vote for it and make it fair. Between Zoey and Daisie, whoever gets the higher vote will get the role.” 

Charlie nodded. “I agree.” 

The investors looked at each other. Even if they didn‘t agree with that, they could only compromise. 

Charlie returned to his office and told Daisie about the voting 

Daisie smiled after she heard that. “Letting the netizens vote sounds fair.” Charlie glared at her. “Aren‘t you worried that she will get more votes?” 

Daisie crossed her arms. “I work with you. Why wouldn’t I be confident?” 

Charlie laughed. “You‘re right!” 

Daisie left the office and went to the studio floor. When she walked out of the elevator, she looked up and saw 

Nollace standing in front of a poster, waiting for her. 

She smiled and quietly approached. 

Daisie stretched out her arms to cover her eyes and said in a deep voice, “Guess who.” Nollace heard her shuffling—that was such a terrible cover–up. 

He smiled and grabbed her wrists. “My wife.” 

Daisie pulled her hands back. “How could you get that so quickly?” 

Nollace turned around , pulled her into his arms, raised her chin, and pressed his finger on her lips. “Who else would do that to me?” 

Daisie was stuck in his embrace but looked away. “Why are you here?” 

Nollace pushed the hair away from her face and flicked her forehead. “I heard that my silly wife‘s role was stolen by someone else, so I came to check.” Daisie moved his hand away. “Do you think it‘s so easy to take a role away from me?” : 

He smiled while his eyes were fixed on her cherry lips.“ That‘s true. Nobody is good enough in Bassburgh.” “You‘re just saying that.” 

His smile widened. “Don‘t you like that?” He then tapped 

the tip of her nose. “That‘s all I know.” 

Daisie was going to say something when his phone rang. Nollace took out his phone and saw that it was Edison calling. He picked it up in front of her. “Yes?” 

Edison said something which made him frown. 


After he ended his call, Daisie said, “Go work.” 

Nollace hugged her and kissed the corner of her eyes. “I‘ll see you tonight.” 

Edison parked the car in Tenet‘s garage and turned around when Nollace got in. “Sir, we‘ve found Donald.” 

Nollace loosened his tie and squinted. “Where is he?” 

“East Islands.” 

Nollace was quiet for a long while. “He really knows where to hide.” 

Edison replied, “Definitely . The East Islands are one of the standalone islands in the eastern part of the continent of Orasia, and they belong to the underground gangs of Easteren Ora.” 

The East Islands were situated in the seas between Stoslo and Yaramoor. There was a standalone island, and it was called the ‘Club on the Sea‘. Big casinos, entertainment establishments, and transactions were not illegal on the 

East Islands. 

Since they weren‘t under the jurisdiction of either country, the underground gang took over and even the Metropolis or the Skull Club had no power there. 

There were two major powers on the Club on the Sea. 


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