The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1964

Chapter 1964 ‘If Mr. Goldmann were to invest in the project, would the investor still get to act so arrogantly? When it comes to the power of capitalism , who would be able to compare themselves to Mr. Goldmann?‘ 

“I don‘t want to rely on my family.” Daisie snorted softly. “Besides, no one can play Nancy perfectly except me.” 

James was surprised. “How are you so confident?” 

She turned her head. “Because no one knows her better than I do.” 

As an actor, one must thoroughly understand a role to integrate oneself with the role better. 

In addition, the setting of the original novel was based on Freyja‘s framework. Daisie had already read Freyja‘s original manuscript. Nancy Hanks, the knock–off version of the character Tana Ybarra, was somewhat Freyja‘s own portrayal. 

Tana was a daughter of a once noble family. Her mother was an illegitimate daughter, and she had an elder brother who would use her to his benefit. Her mother abused her since she was a child. She had learned to survive by looking over her shoulders at others and understanding the ways of life, so she had a very delicate mind. She was originally not noticed by anyone, but 

because of her relationship with all the deceased of the serial murder case, she became a figure of attention. 

Tana lived under the shade of the darkness in her heart. In the eyes of others, she was psychologically distorted, but in her own world, she sought redemption and wanted to be noticed and cared for. 

And whether Tana was the murderer or not, Freyja did not explain that in the novel. 

The suspense that she left behind was the most exciting aspect of the entire storyline. 

At the same time, at the producing company… 

When the director heard the news from the investor , he was so infuriated that he slammed the script on the table. “If Daisie Vanderbilt isn‘t allowed to play the role of Nancy Hanks, then I won‘t do this.” 

“Mr. Fallon, but this is the investor‘s say.” 

Director Fallon knocked on the table with his knuckle and complained with a serious tone, “What do they know for them to make such a call? They want a girl group idol who‘s never acted in any play to play the role of Nancy Hanks? Are they trying to ruin my reputation?” 

‘Let‘s not haggle over the fact that she‘s never acted in her life, I wouldn‘t comment on anything if she‘s being arranged to take on some other roles, but the role she‘s taking on is Nancy Hanks. She‘s the most critical core 

character in the whole script. If this character is badly portrayed, that will be the whole drama‘s downfall. 

‘I don‘t need the fame of some random idol and the volume she can bring to the project. What I want to see is the acting skills!‘ 

Regarding Director Shannon Fallon‘s strong attitude, the producers were also in a dilemma. On the one hand, it was the investor, and on the other hand, it was the world renowned director, and both parties had different opinions regarding the project‘s casting . So how could they choose? 

After receiving the information, the girl group idol Zoey Markle updated her Twitter immediately. 

#This is my first appearance and attempt as the character “Nancy Hanks”. I hope everyone can be more tolerant.# 

As soon as the Twitter post was uploaded , the fans who supported her were exhilarated. 

However, it also attracted the dissatisfaction of Daisie‘s fans. 

After all, it was officially released some time ago that Daisie would be playing the role of Nancy Hanks, but now the role had been snatched from her by a new girl group idol named Zoey. How could Daisie‘s fans take this news willingly? 

Fans of both sides went after each other and started a war 

of words on Twitter. 

At noon, at the Seaview Villa… 

Daisie ordered lunch for two from a hotel. And Freyja scrolled through her Twitter feed and knew that her role had been snatched from her. “You really don‘t plan to be a part of the project anymore?” 

‘Daisie‘s acting skills are well known in the entertainment industry, and she‘s the most suitable candidate to take on the character Nancy. 

‘But the investor has inserted a newcomer who debuted in a new girl group into the equation and has also arranged for her to win the role. Isn‘t this equivalent to bullying Daisie? After all, the role was initially given to Daisie.‘ 

Daisie bit her spoon and chuckled. “Don‘t worry. The character will surely be mine in the end.” 

After that, she changed the subject. “By the way, how‘s your stomach doing? Are you feeling better?” 

Freyja lowered her eyes and avoided her gaze. “It‘s almost recovered.” 


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