The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1976

Chapter 1976 “I don‘t even care to intervene.” He scoffed and then added at the end, “But Freyja is one of the members of the Goldmanns now, and you‘re not in the position to interfere in her affairs. If you dare to do so again and continue to confuse the public, don‘t blame me for not reminding you. After all, even the foundation of the Reeses, a family that sat above you, could be shaken and brought down by the Goldmanns, let alone your family.” Sandy trembled violently as if she had been shocked by electricity, and the blood on her cheeks gradually faded. 

‘He‘s not threatening me based on those empty words. Given the Goldmanns‘ strength, he can indeed live up to his words. The Goldmanns and the Hathaways are now one, and the power of the two families will even give the nobles a hard time.‘ 

Seeing that Colton was leaving with his men, Sandy stumbled and could only hold on to the wall for support.. 

She gnashed her teeth secretly. “Damn it, that b*tch‘s backer is truly powerful.” ‘However, although I can‘t threaten the Goldmanns, as long as I still have Deedee with me, that b*tch won‘t dare to disobey me!‘ 

In the parking lot… Colton got into the car and asked the bodyguard sitting in the front passenger seat, “Is the child really not in the room?” 

The bodyguard reported, “She‘s really not there. I didn‘t even see any children‘s shoes or clothes.” 

Colton‘s expression looked calm but gradually dimmed. “However…” The bodyguard paused for a few seconds and continued. “There‘s a glass cup at the foot of the table, there were water stains in the glass cup, and there‘s a pool of water on the table, but there were not too many stains on the ground.” 

‘It stands to reason that if the cup was accidentally knocked over, there should be marks on the ground. Even if the floor had been wiped earlier, anyone would have picked the glass cup up. 

‘What‘s more, the table should‘ve been hit by a huge force. If she weren‘t paying attention, she would‘ve at most hit the corner of the table. The force wouldn‘t be strong enough to knock the glass cup over, would it?‘ 

Colton lifted his gaze all of a sudden. “No, the child should still be in the room.” Judging from Sandy‘s temperament, since she needed Deedee to threaten Freyja, she had no reason to let Deedee out of her sight. The bodyguard was astonished. “Could it be that she has hidden her?” ‘But where would she hide the child? And if she did hide her, why didn‘t the child make a sound?‘ 

Colton said indifferently, “Send other men to secretly keep an eye on the entire hotel. If there‘s any movement, no matter what happens, take the child and get away.” 

‘Since she refuses to hand the child over, we‘ll just grab her from her.‘ 

The bodyguard nodded. “Yes, I‘ll contact them now.” 

Within a day, all news about Freyja on the Internet‘s trending list had been removed. It was not difficult for one to guess the force behind this incident–everyone knew that it was the Goldmanns. 

Speaking of that, Blackgold‘s official website and social media accounts soon released a notice to the publishing companies and told them that they were going to sue them for spreading rumors and slanders. 

Coincidentally, the Goldmanns‘ actions were enough to neutralize the news that claimed Freyja had abandoned her daughter and prove the public wrong. 

After all, the Goldmanns were a prominent family in Bassburgh. If Freyja really had a daughter with another man and abandoned the baby in order to gain power and wealth, it was estimated that the Goldmanns would never allow her into the family. If she had the ability to get the Goldmanns to clarify the matter on her behalf and even sue the few unlucky publishers directly, the possibility of this being a rumor was very high. 

At that time, Daisie stayed with Freyja in the Seaview Villa. Freyja was peeling an apple, “I don‘t even pay much attention to the matter, so you don’t have to worry about me.” Daisie picked up the couch‘s cushion and placed it on her thighs. “Colton has already handled it for you. You should stay home and take good care of yourself during this period. You don‘t need to worry about the rest.” 

Freyja paused for a split second, and her eyelashes twitched. “But she has Deedee with her now, so how can I rest assured?” 


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