The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1980

Chapter 1980 Daisie shut her mouth, lay obediently on his chest, and tried to get some sleep. 

Nollace rolled over and hugged her. A thick layer of the quilt was clamped in between her waist and his lower abdomen to prevent them from rubbing against each other. He despised coaxing her with tricks to get her to go all the way with him. What he wanted was her complete willingness 

At the same time, in the Comfort Inn… 

Because Colton had come to visit her earlier today, Sandy did not dare to let her guard down. 

Sandy packed her luggage and opened the cupboard because it was already midnight. Deedee had been locked in the cupboard for a whole day without getting any food or a drop of water. She was too feeble at the moment. 

The strong light forced her to open her eyes slightly, and her voice sounded very weak.” Grandma, I‘m hungry…” 

“Hmph! You won‘t die from a little hunger.” 

Sandy dragged her out of the cupboard. Deedee could barely stand still, and the arm that was being grasped by Sandy gradually became numb. 

“Hurry up! If you dare to delay my escape, I‘ll kill you.” 

Deedee did not dare to speak anymore. She endured the discomfort and hunger and followed her grandmother. Sandy took her out of the guest room, but right when they arrived at the elevator lobby, three bodyguards in black walked out from the shadows. 

Upon seeing them, Sandy‘s expression changed 180 degrees. “You people…” 

An excruciating pain hit the back of her neck as she was assaulted from behind, and she lost consciousness almost immediately. After the bodyguards caught her, they took her back to the guest room, kicked the door, went in with the unconscious woman and her luggage, and then closed the door. 

Another bodyguard picked up Deedee, who did not even have the strength to yell. She lay on the shoulders of the bodyguard and closed her eyes. 

The next day… Colton brought Freyja to the hospital. Freyja pushed open the door of the ward and saw Deedee lying on the hospital bed with an infusion set hanging right next to the bed. There were also scratches on her forehead. Freyja‘s heart felt a jolt of electricity piercing through it as if someone was crushing her heart in their palm. She hurried to the edge of the bed and held Deedee‘s hand. Deedee gradually opened her eyes and saw that it was Freyja. Then, her dull eyes lit up instantly. “Aunty…” 

“Deedee, I‘m sorry. It‘s all aunty‘s fault.” Freyja‘s eyes were bloodshot, and she gently stroked her forehead with her palm. “Does it hurt?” When Deedee said it hurt, Freyja could no longer hold back her tears. 

Although she was not her biological child, she had been there since day one, watching over her little niece. Colton stood at the door with a calm expression, and the bodyguard walked up to him. “Mr. Goldmann.” Colton closed the door gently and walked to the corridor with the bodyguard. “What did the doctor say?” 

“This child had been starving for a day and a night, and she wasn‘t even allowed to drink. They had to give her a few bottles of nutrient solution to satisfy her nutritional needs and hunger. And apart from the scratch on her forehead, there was a huge bruise on her back. It was severely swollen.” 

After his report on Deedee‘s physical condition, he continued. “The situation that I saw yesterday seems to have been caused by the child, who was pushed against the table with a brutally harsh force. It‘s estimated that the woman made a move on the girl.” 

Colton‘s eyes dimmed. “Collect the evidence and the child‘s confession. That‘ll be more than enough.” The bodyguard nodded. “Understood.” Colton went back to the ward. Freyja turned to look at him, and her eyes were still teary. She said something to Deedee, then got up and walked toward him. “She hit her.” Deedee had told her everything too. Colton frowned. “Leave this to me.” Freyja felt a profound irritation in her nasal cavity and took a deep breath. “I don‘t understand why she would hate us so much just because we‘re girls…” 

“Freyja Pruitt.” He called her by her full name, but his voice sounded very soft. “You‘ve done nothing wrong. We humans can‘t choose our own family and gender from birth, so you don‘t need to look for problems in yourself. Don‘t worry about these issues anymore.” Freyja lowered her gaze. “I‘m sorry.” 


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