The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2002

Chapter 2002 Freyja forced a smile onto her face and said, “She’s sleeping now.” “What’s wrong with Colton? Why did he suddenlyleave? Were you guys fighting?” asked Daisie.

Freyja pressed her lips thin.

She did not know how to answer Daisie’s question at all.

It was true that they were fighting, but the question was, why would she be so concerned aboutColton’s changes? Daisie asked carefully, “By the way, why did Deedee say you don’t want her anymore? What actually happened?” Freyja told Daisie that she wanted to send her back to the Pruitts, but Deedee thought she did not want her anymore.

Perhaps, Deedee just wanted to stay with Freyja, but the latter selfishly thought that sending Deedee home was for her own good.

Maybe she should consider Deedee’s feelings too? She did not know about that.

“Am I selfish?” asked Freyja.

Daisie fell silent for a moment before replying, “No, of course, you’re not.

You’ve done your best taking care of her.” Freyja did not reply.

When Daisie was leaving the Seaview Villa, she received a call from an unknown caller.

However, when she heard the voice, she was stunned.

“Zephir?” Zephir laughed gently.

“You can recognize my voice?” “Of course, I can,” she replied.

“Is this your phone number?”

“Yeah,” said Zephir.

“You can contact me through this phone number.” Zephir invited her to a meal at a restaurant.

By the time Daisie arrived at the private room in the restaurant, Zephir was the only one inside.

It seemed to Daisie that he did not like to wear a suit.

He was dressed in a dark gray and white shirt with a brown sheepskin vest.

It was a simple outfit, but very few people could pull this kind of attire off.

He looked at her face, which was covered behind a mask, and chuckled.

“It seems like you can’t come out freely after becoming an actress.” Daisie removed her mask and glasses.

“I can’t help it.

Those paparazzi just won’t let me take a break.

They even took a picture of me when I came out that day.” Zephir picked up a teapotand poured her a cup of tea.

“It was my fault. I should’ve thought about it earlier.” She waved her hand.

“No, Zephir, it wasn’t your fault.

No one can expect something like that.” He pushed the cup to her and smiled gently.

“Well, it was my fault too.” Daisie picked up the cup and took a sip.

Zephir handed the menu to her and asked, “I didn’t know what you like to eat, so I waited for you to order the food.” She smiled.

“It’s okay. I’m not a picky eater.” He pressed the service bell and summoned the waiter.

After the waiter left, he picked up the cup in front of him but did not drink.

Instead, he asked, “I heard that you’re engaged. Why didn’t you announce it?” Daisie was stunned.

She scratched her cheek and replied, “Well…

I don’t think it’s the right time yet.” “Is it because of some reason?” He pressed on.

She averted her gaze.


He knew that she was lying.

He pressed his thin lips and asked, “Does he treat you well?” Daisie rested her chin onher hand and grinned.

“He has been treating me very well.” Zephir did not ask anything anymore.

When all the dishes were served, Daisie bit her spoon and asked, “Zephir, why did you suddenly want to invest in a film?”

Not onlythat, but he invested a whopping amount of $30,000,000.

It was not a small amount, and the $30,000,000 would go down the drain if the film flopped.

He smiled and replied, “What if I say it’s because of you?” Daisie was shocked.

“Because of me? Then I’ll be very stressed.” He chuckled.

“Don’t need to feel stressed.

I believe in Mr.Fallon’s skills.” Daisie spooned out some soup and put it near her mouth.

Perhaps she did not expect it to be so hot and scalded her lips.

Zephir hastily grabbed a tissue paper and helped her wipe her mouth.


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