The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2025

Chapter 2025 

“Of course, I know you are not.” Maisie put her fork down and said, “I‘m going to check on Daisie.” 

Daisie was sitting on the bed with her arms around her legs. The room was dark since she kept the curtain closed, and she did not switch on the light. When Maisie came in, the light that spilled into her room through the corridor caused her to squint her eyes. Maisie walked up to her. When she saw her swollen eyes, she asked, “Why are you hiding in your room and crying?” Daisie rubbed her eyes and turned her face sideways. “I‘m not crying.” Maisie sat at the side of the bed and stroked her cheek, “Youve got to stop crying. Nollace hasn‘t died yet, and you‘re mourning him right now.” Something crossed Daisie‘s eyes as she asked, “Is there a difference?” 

“Of course, there is. He just went missing. We don‘t even know if he‘s dead or alive, and you‘ve already given up hope?” “People always say that the more you get your hopes up, the bigger the disappointment,” Daisie said as she lowered her head. Maisie narrowed her eyes and asked, “So you think he‘s dead?” 

Daisie was stunned. She pressed her lips thin and did not reply. 

It went without saying that she wished he was still alive, but she was afraid of receiving news of his death. 

She would rather escape from the truth than accept it. 

Maisie sighed. “I was in the same situation before. When your father got caught in an accident, I thought he was dead too, so I understand your pain now.” After that, she held Daisie‘s hand, trying to warm them up. “But no matter what, we still need to keep our hopes up. We can‘t just keep on escaping. After all, we need to have hope when we live, isn‘t it?” 

Daisie leaned in her arms and said, “Mom, I‘m going to make our marriage public. If someone saves him and knows who he is, then they‘ll definitely send him back, right?” Maisie was stunned for a moment before she lowered her head to look at the girl in her arms. She smiled and said, “Sure, if you want to make it public, then go ahead and do it. I‘ll support 


The next day, Daisie announced her marriage to Nollace. The public did not know why Daisie would suddenly expose the identity of her husband, and it caused quite a sensation across the country. 

Many media outlets competed for the news. Some of them even went on to check on Nollace. They found out that he was King William‘s grandson, as well as Daisie‘s ruinored boyfriend from three years ago. The news that they had been married for a long time caused a sensation across the Internet. 

Daisie left under the cameras of the reporters. If it weren‘t for her bodyguards, she might be swollen by the crowd before she could get to the car. 

Daisie sat in the car and looked at the news playing on the screen of the mall building through the window. 

She hoped that he would see it. At the East Islands, at the Southern manor… 

The scenery along the mountain forest was stunning. It looked like an ancient town that seemed to be hidden from the world, and there were a lot of people staying there. On the cliff sat a big mansion with exquisite decoration that looked like an ancient palace. It was huge, and one could see how rich the Southerns were. 

Toward the center of the island was the downtown area. It was home to the major merchant associations from both factions, shopping malls, resorts, and duty–free zones, to name a few. Transportation was also convenient. The Southerns and the Puzo Faction occupied half of the East Islands each. The harbor, the organizations, and all the shops on the northeast coast belonged to the Southerns, while the southwest side belonged to the Puzo Faction. Even though there was only one big island among the East Islands, it was as large as a big city on land. 

Inside the courtyard, a middle–aged bald man was sitting in a chair. He was donned in an ordinary overall and was playing with a jade rosary pendant in his hand. The side of the courtyard was filled with carefully grown flowers and plants. There was also a green lizard in a cage next to a moss pot.


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