The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1116

Levi opened his eyes as his face was filled with disbelief.
He wanted to struggle and kill Carol, but how could he do it? “Y-you, how dare you try to kill me? A-aren’t you afraid of being chased after and being killed by my Witch Doctor Sect?”
Carol’s knife did not stab into Levi’s heart, but it went to the right area next to the chest.
She took two steps back and said with a smile, “Why would the Witch Doctor Sect come to kill me? You were killed by Alex Rockefeller, right?”
Levi kept coughing up blood. “Y-you are so vicious!”
Carol laughed heartily. “Young Master Bayer, you are in vain for being a young hero of the next generation. Don’t you know women are the most vicious creatures in the world? When you transferred the haunting baby to me, I had secretly sworn that I’d kill you someday. Today is the day!”
“You… Puff!”
“Alright, it looks like you can’t hold it any longer. I’ll just make good use of the trash. Pass all the power inside your body to me!”
A layer of bloody red mist suddenly rose upon Carol’s body. Her entire body exuded a strange fragrance as if it were blooming peach blossom.
This was what she had learned from Seamus Owen, the Peach Blossom Demon Art.
She used the Peach Blossom Demon Art to absorb all the cultivation base inside Seamus’s body, too. Later, she even absorbed the inner force of several other fighters with Hosiah’s help. Only then could she reach Mystic rank so fast.
The power of the Peach Blossom Demon Art was no less than the Great Star-suctioning Art.
Levi’s clothes were torn apart by Carol. The bloody red mist enveloped his entire body.
Then, Carol pounced on him right away.
After a half-minute, Levi let out a terrible yet mournful roar. “The Peach Blossom Demon Art, Blood Cult. Carol Rockefeller, you’ll die a terrible death…”
However, his voice stopped abruptly at this moment.
After a few minutes, the bloody red mist disappeared. However, the power inside Carol’s body soared as her eyes turned scarlet as if they were filled with blood.
On the other hand, Levi’s body had turned into a mummified corpse!
On the lower level of the Coney family’s residence, Anna Coleman hurriedly came over to drag away the corpse.
Meanwhile, Cheryl finally let go of Alex’s embrace. She called out to her grandfather and grandmother in the kitchen. “Let’s have dinner. I’m already very hungry.”
The dinner was a bit depressing.
Alex could tell that Granny Coney had always missed her son, Franklin. It was just that those things that he had done were too despicable. She feared that she might anger James and Cheryl if she said something. Still, Alex took the initiative to speak, “Sir, the parasite that fed your son earlier won’t cause any danger to his life. I can also remove the parasite. Whether I should remove it or not, you guys can decide! There’s another way. He could protect his life without any worry by consuming a temporary antidote every year.”
James said, “Just use the temporary antidote then. In this way, he can always remember that there’s a sharp, murderous sword hanging overhead so that he can be a good person.”
As the matter was settled, Granny Coney sighed in relief and started smiling.
After the dinner, Alex said to James, “Sir, I have a medical issue that needs to be discussed with you alone.”
James laughed and said, “Alex, now you’re an Immortal Doctor whom even Wallace Yoke conceded defeat to. In the field of medicine, I’m afraid I’m no match for you. How can I give you any advice?”
“You can never say never. The same goes to the field of medicine.”
Then, the two people entered the study.
Alex did not mention anything medical, but told James one thing, “Sir, I asked Darven Mikail about one thing. The legacy of the Immortal Doctor, Guilherme Extraordinaire, is hidden inside the plaque of Ganoderma. Sir, you can deal with it yourself.”
“What? Impossible! Where did your Immortal Doctor’s Legacy come from?”
Alex smiled indifferently. “I have never said I acquired the Immortal Doctor’s Legacy!”


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