The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1117

James was stunned.
After a long while, he was hesitant and asked, “Then, how did you…”
Alex smiled mysteriously. “You want to know how I learned the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell? Then, do you know from where the Immortal Doctor of the previous generation, Guilherme Extraordinaire, learned the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell? Or, from
where did the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell in the Immortal Doctor’s Legacy come?”
Shocked, James asked, “Could it be that your Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell have an even longer history than Guilherme Extraordinaire’s?”
Alex waved his hand. “It’s pointless to say all these. But, the legacy that I have learned indeed is a bit related to the Immortal Doctor’s Legacy. I’m not very interested in the Immortal Doctor’s status. But, sir, if you can acquire the Immortal Doctor’s Legacy of Guilherme Extraordinaire, it’ll be a great thing for the majority of the patients.”
James also seemed very excited.
As a doctor, no one was not tempted by the Immortal Doctor’s Legacy.
However, James pondered for a while and said, “Alex, I’m already old and have one foot in the grave. Even if I’ve acquired the Immortal Doctor’s Legacy, it won’t be much useful for me. If possible, I’d like to have Cheryl try it. Whether she could get it or not, that would depend on her luck.”
Alex looked at him and nodded.
Soon after, Cheryl was called into the study.
Upon hearing about the matter, she could not help but feel surprised. “The Immortal Doctor’s Legacy of Guilherme Extraordinaire is in our family?”
James said, “Tracing the roots, our Ganoderma was indeed created by the Immortal Doctor, Guilherme Extraordinaire, several hundreds of years ago. But, there were no Immortal Doctors for the next generations after Guilherme Extraordinaire. Back then, I had heard my master say that the Immortal Doctor’s Legacy was not something that could be obtained easily, but it depended on luck and chance. Why else didn’t another Immortal Doctor appear in Ganoderma?”
Cheryl said, “But, I have never heard you talked about it.”
James shook his head and said, “Ganoderma had gone through several hundreds of years, but how many calamities did it experience? Especially during the war years in the 1800s, it was a catastrophe and a rebirth every time. And, Ganoderma had its ups and downs. In the great chaos of conflicts among countless medical schools and medical families back then, it was already remarkable for it to be able to be in Grandpa’s hands today. The Legacy’s Origin had changed hands several times, but it had long since gone missing. If Alex hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have known the secret of the legacy is hidden within the plaque.”
When Alex and Cheryl heard it, their thoughts could not help but recall the turbulent years back then.
They thought about it. It was also the same reason.
Cheryl asked, “So, Grandpa. Where’s the plaque located now?”
James lowered his voice as he said, “That plaque is in Puerto Rico Rainforest. We, people of Ganoderma, hid it in a certain depth of the forest in Puerto Rico under circumstances where everything was hard to be preserved. When my master handed over Ganoderma to me back then, I hid that plaque somewhere. Cheryl, Grandpa is old. I’ll leave the matter of the legacy to you! Alex, the journey to Puerto Rico Rainforest is far away, and it’s also off the beaten track. I have a request. Can you accompany Cheryl there and keep her safe?”
Alex looked at Cheryl and nodded. “Of course, there’s no problem.”
James smiled as an imperceptible smile flashed in his eyes.
The Immortal Doctor’s Legacy mattered a great deal. It would be better to get it earlier, lest complicated issues might arise due to the delay.
James asked, “Can you go there tomorrow? If you go there by flight, you can reach Puerto Rico within a few hours, but you still need to go through many routes from the airport to reach there. You can only get there on the next day at the earliest. I’ll draw a map today and specify the detailed instructions and prepare a bit on the way. Will you depart tomorrow?”
Alex pondered for a while. Since he had no important business lately, he nodded in agreement.
Soon, it was the next day.
After briefing the few women at home, Alex drove to Cheryl’s house to fetch her and embark on the journey to Puerto Rico.
Holly wanted to go with them. However, when he thought about the recent conflict with the Witch Doctor Sect, he felt that it would be more appropriate for Holly to stay with Brittany.


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