The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2041

Chapter 2041 Daisie cast her eyes low. “I know, I know. I‘ll stay out of trouble for all of your sake.” Suddenly, something took shape in her mind, prompting her to ask, “Aunt Saydie, did you catch any news about Nollace?” Saydie shook her head. “I doubt he‘s using his real name while active in the East Islands, especially since that‘s also where Donald is. Nollace is a cautious guy, so he must have taken up some kind of pseudonym.” 

A pseudonym necessarily complicated their search. Daisie fell silent. She seemed to be mulling over something. 

Far in the East Islands, the furor was brewing in the Commune. Joaqin Serrano grimaced as soon as he received the news. “What‘s the meaning of this? That old bag appointed some outsider to take over The Commune!?” 

The Commune had always been The Serpents‘ turf. Sunny Southern had been painfully reluctant to cede control over the territory to The Serpents for so many years, and yet the same Sunny Southern decided to hand control over to a man who was not even a member of the Southern Clan! 

Could it be that… Sunny had caught onto something? Florence Serrano suddenly burst into his study. “Dad!” Joaqin ordered his underlings to leave them be, though he did not hide the frown from his daughter either. “Can‘t you see I‘m busy?” 

Florence was too wrapped up in her own resentment to care. “Goddamn Cameron‘s *ss is back!” 

Joaqin furrowed his brows. He drank his wine without a word. He had long heard of Cameron‘s return. The same investigation also revealed that the outsider punk who was to take over The Commune was the fellow Cameron had brought home. 

Cameron was several years younger than his daughter, but his status as the heir to the Southern family made him important. He was a bachelor and did not seem to be seeing anyone at the moment, and now, the fact that the family appointed an outsider to manage The Commune implied certain degrees of guardedness. He set his winecup down. “It occurs to me, Florence, that Cameron‘s at the age where he should settle down with a partner.” 

Florence was visibly stunned. “What‘s that supposed to mean?” 

Joaqin stared at her matter–of–factly. “I would like both of you to marry each other.” Florence‘s furious protest was immediate. “Why must I marry Cameron?! Do you have any idea just how irritating he is? He just has to be this bloody contrarian against everything I do or say, and he never cares about how i feel. He insulted me in front of other people before!” she erupted hotly. “Do you know what kind of torment you‘re putting me in?” 

“Shut up!” 

Florence froze. 

Her father had never talked to her like this. 

The man regained his composure enough to maintain some sort of calm. “Listen, Florence. The Southern Clan is steadily wary of us. That Cameron brat may be a thorn in your side, but he‘s the only son that geezer had. A marriage between you and him will benefit the entire family.” Florence bit her lips. She could tell that her father was being serious about his proposal, but to suggest she became Cameron‘s wife out of the blue like this? Was it true? Had the Southerns really begun to grow wary of them? When it really came down to it, Florence had no real objection to the marriage. Cameron leaned hard to the feminine side of the spectrum, but he was still handsome and pleasant to the eyes. He was also highly competent–The Serpents could send all of their best fighters against him, and he still might emerge victorious. 

The more unruly the man was, the more pleasure one got when he eventually cowered. Florence broke out a smile. “Alright, Dad. I hear you loud and clear. I‘ll be nice with Cameron from now on.” 

Joaqin nodded, satisfied. “Good. Very, very good. We‘ll wait for a few days. Then I‘ll suggest this union. Even if that old man rejects it… I‘ll find some other ways to make him.” 

Florence left the study. The corner of her lips was raised. 

Cameron was not the only one she wanted. That other young man she met in the restaurant today? She would bag him too. Sooner or later, all of these men would be hers! 


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