The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2049

Chapter 2049 Florence wasn‘t expecting someone to derail her plan. Cameron, the *sshole, was messing up her plans again! She started sweating while she clenched her jaw. “Cameron, this is none of your business. Stay out of it.” 

Cameron was the heir of the Southerns, and even her father Joaqin wouldn‘t dare lay a finger on him, especially when Cameron was a very good combatant and was really good with hidden weapons. Even Fabio‘s men were wary of his tricks. On top of that, he was as good a fighter as Manuel, and even if there were a group of them, they would be no match for him. Cameron crossed her arms and smiled. “You‘re supposed to be my fiancee. How am I supposed to feel when you‘re trying to grab a man in the middle of town?” 

Daisie was shocked but didn‘t say anything. I ‘Florence is Cameron‘s fiancee!? He has such terrible taste!‘ 

Florence‘s face turned pale, and she was angry but had to keep it together. Her father wanted her to marry Cameron, but if he used this chance to tell on her, her father would probably kill the man. 

She wouldn‘t let Waylon die before even getting a taste of him. 

She forced a smile. “No, there must be a misunderstanding. They‘ve offended me, and I just want to teach them a lesson.“. 

“Nonsense!” Daisie added fuel to the fire. “You were just drooling over how good–looking my brother is.” 

She then walked next to Cameron. “Mr. Southern, your fiancee doesn‘t even respect you. She would have cheated on you if you didn‘t show up.” 

Florence‘s expression changed. “Shut it, b*tch!” 

Cameron was silent for a moment, then she suddenly laughed. 

Daisie was shocked. 

‘How could he laugh when he was going to be cheated on!?‘ 

Cameron turned to face Daisie, approached her, and raised her chin with a finger. “Little girl, I realized that you‘ve gotten even more adorable after not seeing you for just a few days.” 

Daisie‘s chin froze, but she pushed his hand away and smiled awkwardly. “Thanks….” 

Cameron nodded. “Good acting too.” Daisie‘s back froze while she looked toward him. What did he just say? She didn‘t think too much about that but felt that Cameron was a little weird. If another man did what he did to her, she would feel absolutely disgusted by it and would probably slap their dirty claw away. 

But, when he did that, she didn‘t feel annoyed and, for a moment there, didn‘t even see him as a man. 

Was it because of his face that was prettier than most girls? 

Florence saw Cameron flirting with an ugly woman right in front of her and was going to have none of that. Cameron was annoying and arrogant toward her but was so nice and gentle to this ugly woman. 

She smirked. “Cameron, you‘re one to talk. You‘re flirting with this hideous woman too.” 

Daisie had had enough of her name–calling but couldn‘t say anything about it, just so she wouldn‘t get Waylon in trouble. Thus, she swallowed the anger. Cameron smiled. “Don‘t you have a mirror at home?” Manuel exploded and snarled, “Mr. Southern, what is the meaning of that!?” “You have no right to speak here.” Cameron stared at him coldly. “Florence, you need to train your dogs better.” Manuel‘s neck turned red, and the veins on his hands popped. Florence looked at her. “Cameron, I just want to teach these two a lesson. Can‘t you just mind your own business?” 


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