The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1140

His luck was bursting today. It wouldn’t stop flowing even if he wanted it to!
Besides, Alex had thought of another possibility.
‘Could it be that Giovanni had found a Black Spirit Crystal vein?
‘That would be too exaggerated, right?’
However, when he thought of such a possibility, Alex was overwhelmed with excitement. He immediately wanted to find someone to ask where the source of their ores was. If there really was a Black Spirit Crystal vein, he could bring his people to a newer height.
He caught sight of a traveling bag at the side.
Alex reached out to grab it, placed the two pieces of Black Spirit Crystal inside it, and then took some of the more excellent quality emeralds. He felt that the other items in the room were cumbersome, so he simply left them.
There was quite a bit of gold and banknotes that had been stored here. However, it was all no different than rubbish in his eyes.
Cheryl asked from beside him, “Alex, you seem to be particularly interested in the black crystal. What is it? Is it obsidian? But, I remember that obsidians aren’t really valuable.”
Alex smiled. “Of course, this is not obsidian. It’s ten thousand times more precious than obsidian. I’ll tell you about it once we get back.”
Cheryl was worried as she glanced at the door. “Will they come rushing in?”
“Don’t worry. No one can come in. Someone is helping me guard the door!”
Obviously, it was Maiko Chiba.
It was a pity that she couldn’t be seen by the naked eye, and so Cheryl couldn’t see her.
“There’s a safe here!” Cheryl said, looking at a corner. “But, Giovanni is dead. No one would be able to open it now.”
Just as she said that, Alex pulled out the Sword of the Universe and brought it down upon the safe.
A metallic sound rang, and the side of the safe was sliced off.
Cheryl wasn’t even able to make any sound anymore, so she rolled her eyes at him. “You frightened me!”
“I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you.”
“How will you make it up to me?”
“Is a gold bar enough?” Alex grabbed a large piece of gold bar, estimated that it weighed at least three catties, and placed it in Cheryl’s hand.
“There’s no sincerity in this, and it’s not like it can be eaten!”
Alex suddenly grabbed behind her neck, pulling her in for a kiss as be explored the inside of her month.
After he was done, he pulled away and asked, “Was that delicious?”
Cheryl’s face flushed to the tip of her ears, ”Hoodlum!”
Alex was in a good mood now, and he lifted her chin and asked, “Then, did you like it?”
Cheryl’s eyes looked away, extremely embarrassed and shy. “I’m not telling you.”
Alex laughed, then squeezed her uniquely attractive behind before squatting down to check the contents of the safe only to find it contained a few documents.
“What’s this? The ingredients for a poison?”
Alex was an Immortal Doctor of the current generation, and Cheryl was a brilliant doctor. When the two read through the document, they were alarmed.
“I’ve heard of this poison before, ” Cheryl said. “There was a patient who had a severe overdose on this before, which caused hallucinations and serious immunity disorders. It is a new type of contraband… I didn’t expect that it was extracted in this manner.”
Written on the document were the detailed extraction steps. In addition to that, there was another document with a type of medicine written on it instead.
The composition of it was similar to the poison. Still, it was a unique formula that was useful for cosmeceutical products, which could cause the user to be dependent on the medicine. People who used this product would have serious skin problems once they stop using it.
Both documents had the same name signed on it, Lilian Solomon.
Other than that, there was a piece of parchment inside the safe.
“What is this?”
Cheryl picked it up, and at a glance, it looked to be a map.


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