The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2050

Chapter 2050 “Did you ask for permission before fighting in my territory?” Cameron slowly walked toward her. “Or do you think my father has no control over The Serpents, so you can do whatever you want here?” 

Florence trembled. “So you‘re helping these outsiders?” 

“Anyone who‘s here would be guests of my family. Even if they need to be taught a lesson, it‘s up to us to do it. The Serpents have to power here, unless…” 

someone else to work with?” 

That statement was a bomb that exploded in Florence‘s face. 

‘Cameron must have noticed something, or he wouldn‘t have said that with so much conviction. That would be The Serpents‘end!‘ 

She knew well that her father was planning to betray the Southern Clan, but it hadn‘t happened yet. If Sunny knew about that, The Serpents would probably be sent off the island. 

She looked at Waylon and clenched her jaw. She had to let this piece of fat meat go. She wasn‘t happy about it, but she had to know her place. 

“I‘ll let you take care of them then. I hope you‘ll do us justice,” Florence said through her gritted teeth. People who knew what was happening knew that she was forcing Cameron to take adequate action. If he didn‘t, The Serpents wouldn‘t let this go, and it would be a reason for them to revolt. 

Cameron smiled but didn‘t reply while Florence left with her men. 

Daisie walked to Waylon‘s side. “Waylon, I was so worried. We‘re lucky…” ‘That Cameron showed up, but why would he help us?‘ Daisie looked toward him. Cameron was walking toward them at that moment and smiled. “I guess you‘re going to have a hard time on this island. It‘s best to get a ticket out of here soon.” Waylon casually swiped the dust away from his shirt. “We have you.” Cameron paused and crossed her arms. “I won‘t always be here to help you.” Waylon smiled. “You‘ve helped us twice. I‘m sure there‘s a third time coming.” The help came at the right time. The first time was at a cafe, this time at a garage. That meant that Cameron had always had someone following Florence. It didn‘t matter who she was fighting against tonight. Cameron would be there to stop it. Cameron‘s political marriage with Florence was just part of Joaqin‘s plan. Waylon had looked into Florence‘s background. She had had her ways with a multitude of men. 

Florence was drugged today, and he knew that she had met Cameron at the restaurant before that, so her drugging must be linked to Cameron. She wanted to use her tactics with the other men on Cameron, but it backfired. 

Cameron looked into his eyes. The man looked outstanding, handsome like Nollace. However, Nollace had mixed parentage, so he looked like a black tulip, dangerously mesmerizing and mysterious. This man wasn’t too far off from Nollace, especially with his deep–set amber eyes. They were sharp, cold, and piercing, elegant, yet deadly. 


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