The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2051

Chapter 2051 As for Waylon, he looked just like a flower that grew up in a snowy mountain, sacred and unreachable. 

It was only now Cameron saw the light of why Florence was so obsessed with him. 

“As expected of the eldest son of the Goldmanns. Not only are you good at fighting, but you‘re calm and collected as well.” 

Daisie looked at him in shock. 

‘He knows my brother‘s identity?‘ 

Waylon narrowed his eyes. “It seems like nothing can escape your eye, Mr. Southern.” 

“I can see that something big is going to happen in the East Islands.” Cameron turned her head to look at Daisie. She raised his eyebrows and smiled at her. “So, girl, do you want to come home with me? It‘s much safer there than staying with your brother.” 

Daisie was stunned. She looked at Waylon and said, “I‘m not scared. I‘ll stay with my brother.” 

Cameron chuckled and went closer to her. “You‘re such an idiot. Do you know how much Ms. Serrano is obsessed with your brother? She‘s coming for your life. If you come home with me, I can protect you.” The people behind them shook their heads helplessly. It seemed to them that Cameron was having a lot of fun teasing Daisie. Daisie turned her head and looked at Waylon. In fact, she knew that she had been a drag to her brother today. If Florence came at them again, she was certain that her brother would compromise because of her. 

Besides, since Cameron already knew who her brother was, did it not mean that she knew who she was as well? 

Considering the fact that Cameron had helped them again today, even if Daisie did not know what she was up to, she thought that she could trust Cameron since she was Sunny‘s ‘son‘. 

Also, there might be a possibility that she could learn Nollace‘s whereabouts through them. 

Before she could say anything, Waylon parted his lips open and said, “I‘ll entrust my sister to you then, Mr. Southern.” 

Meanwhile, at the Serrano mansion… 

Manuel was displeased with Cameron‘s humiliation, so he went to tell Joaqin about what had happened to Florence. He thought that Joaqin would help her get justice, but Joaqin‘s face became gloomier when he heard about it. 

“Boss, Cameron humiliated Ms. Serrano in front of everyone. He treated her as if she was nothing, and he helped those two outsiders repeatedly. Are we really going to let him continue to get things his way?” he said in a hurry. Joaqin smashed his cup on the floor and snarled, “I told you to stay away from them, but did you listen to me? Why must you guys keep causing trouble for me?” 


(Manuel, do you really think I don‘t know that you have a thing for Florence?” Joaqin‘s gaze was sharp. 

Manuel closed his eyes without saying anything, and beads of sweat were streaming down his 

As Joaqin played with the ring on his finger, he continued expressionlessly. “Florence will marry into the Southerns. You‘d better keep those thoughts away.” After Manuel left the study room, another bodyguard rushed up to him and reported, “Boss, this is bad!” Joaqin picked up his cigarette and flicked the ashes into the ashtray, “What happened?” 

“Ms. Serrano… She went to the Commune and is fighting with Neal right now!” 

Joaqin arrived at the Commune. His men rushed into the building and attacked the people of the Southern Clan right away. It was a messy scene. “Get Neal out right now! How dare he touch my daughter! Does he have a death wish!?” The bodyguard beside Joaqin shouted. They couldn‘t believe that Neal had the guts to lay his fingers on Florence right after he took over The Commune. They would never forgive him for that! 

At that moment, a few people brought Florence out. She was in bad shape. Her face and body was filled with bruises, and she could barely stand. If it were not for the two people beside her, she would have fallen to the floor already. 


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