The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2119

Chapter 2119 Cameron sat down in the chair next to the bed. “What would happen to me? But things are different with you. You‘re not as young as you used to be now, so what you should do is escape when you find yourself in a sticky situation. What were you thinking, going head–to–head with Manuel‘s men?” 

Sunny put down the bowl in his hand. “I‘m fine. You and Wayne are the ones that I worry about. I can finally rest assured now that you two are alright.” 

Cameron crossed her arms and did not utter a single word. 

“By the way, thanks to Daisie, we managed to catch two b*stards who tried to take advantage of the situation that we‘re in. Joaqin is still alive, so I‘m sure that Manuel will definitely think about assassinating him again.” 

Cameron looked at him. “So you‘re the one who saved him. No wonder.” 

He explained earnestly, “Cam, no matter what happened between The Serpents and us before this, Joaqin is still the head of the Serranos. He‘ll be able to help us to some extent in the future. In the face of Fabio‘s ambition, we can‘t afford to take things lightly. As for Manuel, it‘s time to get rid of him for good.” 

Apart from the ventilation openings, no light could shine into the basement of The Commune. The walls were all dark and damp, and there were cockroaches crawling in the corners. 

Several men were tied to posts and had been brutally beaten before this–their faces were bruised and swollen. 

The door was abruptly opened, and Cameron stepped into the room slowly. One of the men opened his eyes, and his dry lips moved. “Y–You‘re still alive.” 

The subordinate standing behind Cameron stepped forward and kicked him in the abdomen.” How dare you question our young master‘s ability to survive your ambush?” The man vomited on the spot, and veins could be seen bulging on his forehead and neck. 

Cameron covered her mouth and nose in disgust. “You‘re not dead, so how could I die before you do? That‘ll be so disrespectful.” 

The man was in so much distress that he could not even speak. 

One of the subordinates brought Cameron a stool. She sat down and crossed her legs. “You guys have grown into a presumptuous gang. You actually have the guts to attack my father while I‘m not around. You even hurt my father. I guess you must have grown tired of living and don‘t want to see tomorrow‘s sunrise already.” The man did not speak. 

Cameron turned her head and said to her men. “Where‘s the box of precious babies that we raise? Bring them out and show them to our guests.” Those men were astounded for a mornent and then nodded. “Yes, sir.” 

Two of the men brought a large box in, which seemed quite heavy. 

Cameron got up, walked to the box, and patted it. “As long as you give me the name of the 

Supporting Manuel from behind the curtains, I‘ll make sure that you won‘t have to suffer.” 

The man gñashed his teeth and refused to speak. Cameron opened the lid of the box, and inside it was a densely packed swarm of venomous scorpions. 

The man gulped his saliva out of fear when he saw the scene, and beads of cold sweat rolled down from the sides of his forehead. 

Rumor had it that the young master of the Southerns had a perverted mind and had many ways to torture others. In particular, he loved to watch as scorpions crawled all over his captives‘ bodies and got into their clothes. It was totally mental torture. 

“These are venomous scorpions. They are very ruthless and really into stinging.” Cameron took the tweezers handed over by her subordinates and picked up a huge scorpion out of the cyclone. The sharp sting on the tip of its tail was clearly in vision. 

Cameron approached the man. The latter felt numb all over his body, and his face gradually paled. 

“Little cutie pie, be good and sting him.” 

Cameron placed the scorpion on the man‘s shoulder, and when the scorpion crawled closer, the man could not take it anymore. “M–Mr. Southern! I really don‘t know who‘s supporting Manuel from the shadows! He‘s never told us about that. Ever since he took over The 

Serpents, all weve done is follow his orders!” 

“Don‘t you people have any doubts about Manuel taking over The Serpents?” She looked indifferent and calm. 

The man gulped his saliva as the scorpion climbed up to his neck. He trembled vigorously but did not dare to move a muscle. “We‘re suspecting things, but we don‘t dare to speak up. After all, this is a position that Mr. Puzo handed directly to him. We can only obey!“


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