The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1212

Alex smiled but remained silent.
It was eleven in the noon when a helicopter took off from California airport, heading straight to Moonlight Lake.
On the flight sat Soraya Melvis, Shaun Baker of the Four Great Guardians, and a grandmaster from the Melvis family named Lochlan, and two half-stepped Grandmasters.
The Melvis family spared no effort in looking for Tucker.
“Come on. There’s one hour left. Maybe we can still make it! ” Soraya said. She cared because it was her cousin that had been kidnapped.
“Miss Soraya, there’s no need to panic. It only takes 20 minutes to arrive at Moonlight lake by chopper. We still have time to recon the area!”
Shaun laughed. “Glen, you’re too serious. We’re both grandmasters. Along with two half-stepped grandmasters, no place is off-limits to us. You know, it’s weird how Bennett himself didn’t come along. Doesn’t he want to save his son’s life?”
“My uncle says he has an important meeting tonight, so he had no choice but to stay behind,” Soraya explained.
Shaun snorted and wondered if he chose to stay holed up in his office with his secretary in comfort.
“What do you think of the kidnapping?” He asked.
Soraya sniffed. “The kidnapper has a grudge on the Melvis family, once spies for the National Secret Organization. Kidnapping my cousin is a way to exact revenge. As long as we confirm that my cousin is safe, we’ll strike them down immediately!”
It was now 11:30 pm.
Two small boats set off from the edge of Moonlight Lake and made their way towards the center. Fifteen minutes later, the boats inched closer.
Everyone was a skilled martial artist with incredible eyesight.
The moonlight allowed them to see 20 meters ahead, especially Alex and Aunt Rockefeller, who, as cultivators, had the essence to enhance their eyesight. It enabled them to gaze beyond a hundred meters from the boat.
“I can’t believe it’s these two!” Alex exclaimed.
“Do you know them?” Aunt Rockefeller asked.
“He’s one of the Great Guardians from the Divine Constabulary that I fought with, a grandmaster!”
“Hmph! Shady as always, huh. Divine Constabulary? What are you doing in there?”
As the two were talking, the other two boats had finally spotted them.
“Huh? Why is it him?” Soraya nearly yelled out. She never would’ve guessed that the one who kidnapped Tucker was Alex Rockefeller.
Shaun’s gaze was cold and sharp, but vengeance and anger burned brightly in its depths. Alex had destroyed his essence treasure and made him suffer a backlash. It still hurt like a b*tch even now. He would get his revenge.
“What a ridiculously coincidental twist of fate!”
Lochlan’s surprise showed on his face. “How did these two people with no martial arts skills kidnap Mr. Tucker?”
“That b*stard over there is a psychic user!” Shaun snapped.
Lochlan roared with laughter. “That’s no issue. I know how to deal with psychic users. He’ll never get past me!”
With that, he got ready to charge in and save Tucker.
Suddenly a voice spoke up. “Well, if it isn’t Lochlan Glen and Shaun Baker. I’m Zachary Xavier. I’ve come to mediate this situation!”


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