The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1211

Hearing that sentence coming from Aunt Rockefeller made Alex’s heart skip a beat.
There were no doubts about Aunt Rockefeller’s beauty. It was in the way she carried herself where not even the richest of the rich and famous could ever hope to reach that air of confidence.
She was like the clouds on the horizon, stained with soft hues and ever changing, never to be captured or controlled, so everyone could only admire and adore such beauty.
She could play the part of the cool and the sophisticated, as well as being sweet and pretty. Sometimes she was a joy to be around, but at other times, drive someone up a wall.
“S-stop joking around like that!” Alex quickly broke eye contact.
“Heh, obviously, I was kidding. I’m your aunt, after all! Don’t ever let me catch you thinking about anything along those lines, or you’ll be in for a bashing!”
As the two continued to bicker, Zachary followed them on another boat. He was tense and nervous for Alex, like walking on a tightrope. He had just gotten off the phone with two other grandmasters from the Divine Constabulary, who refused to come along while providing excuses about not meddling with family matters.
“Oh well, I’ll explain the ins and outs when the Melvis family brings an expert over!”
His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of water splashing further ahead. He saw that Alex and Aunt Rockefeller were gone, and only an empty boat remained bobbing about in the waves, with Tucker still inside.
“Where’d they go? Did they jump into the water?” Zachary didn’t understand why they jumped overboard, and he couldn’t spot anyone around the lake at this time of night.
“Xavier, help, get me out of here! I’m sure my grandfather will be grateful to you. Now that they’ve gone, this is the best chance of escape!”
Xavier, on the other hand, merely glanced at him and ignored him.
Tucker panicked and started to ramble. “Xavier, do you have any conscience from being a Great Guardian of the Divine Constabulary? My grandfather is the president of the Divine Constabulary, and my father’s the general manager. Can you live up to the name of a Great Guardian if you don’t help me when I’ve been kidnapped?”
Xavier only smiled. “Save your breath. Alex is the elder of the Divine Constabulary. You’re lucky I didn’t hack off your head there and then when you tried to steal his valuables and plot to assassinate them. As for your grandfather, there is no guarantee as to who he’ll save.”
At this, Tucker went motionless. “He’s the elder of the Divine Constabulary? How is that possible?”
“Why not?” retorted Xavier. “Soon, he’ll become a Great Guardian too! If I were you, I’d fess up about everything honestly right now. Mr. Rockefeller isn’t someone who you or your dad can take on. ”
Tucker‘s expression changed, but he still had hope for his father, that when he arrived, he would win over Alex and his aunt in an instant.
‘The Melvis family has four expert grandmasters in total. Surely no one in America can contest that!’
Moments after the sound of water splashing, Alex and Aunt Rockefeller shot up from the lake and landed on the surface with steady footing. This was a rare skill, even in the world of martial artists.
Upon closer inspection, even Xavier was shocked because not one drop of water clung to their clothes after that swim. It was truly mysterious.
“What did you guys do underwater just now?” Xavier asked to satisfy his curiosity.


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