The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2118

Chapter 2118 Cameron tutted. “How dare you glare at me? Do you believe that I’ll pluck all your feathers out now?” 

Seeing that she was so into competing and having fun with the two chickens, Waylon smiled and shook his head. 

The two stood on the side of the road and waited for a ride. After a while, a tractor drove past. 

The tractor was heading for Southernshire, so Waylon and Cameron got onto the tractor for a ride. The sun shone on the two of them, there was no shelter, and the road was bumpy. Thus, the journey back home could be said to be extremely tormenting. 

When the tractor arrived at the intersection in front of the town, the two got out of the vehicle, and Cameron sprinted to the side of the road, leaned forward, propped her arms against a tree, and vomited. 

Waylon gave all the change that he had on him to the driver. The driver took a glimpse at Cameron and asked, “Is your wife pregnant? Why is she vomiting so badly?” 

Waylon cleared his throat awkwardly, but before he could say anything, the driver had already handed him the two cages. “Go back and slaughter one of them, then cook something to make it up for your wife.” 

He then drove the tractor away. Cameron threw up all the breakfast she had eaten in the morning and felt extremely uncomfortable. 

Waylon handed her a pack of tissues. “Are you alright?” 

She grabbed it from him and waved. “I‘m fine. It‘s just motion sickness.” 

He smiled. “Then I must say that you‘re quite perseverant, Mr. Southern. You actually managed not to vomit on the tractor.” 

She wiped the corners of her mouth, turned around, and glared at him. “Are you mocking 


Waylon laughed out loud but didn‘t utter a single word. Cameron did not go into the details with him and grabbed the chickens from him. “Let‘s go.” 

He stopped her. “Wait a minute.” 

Cameron turned around in confusion, and a coat was placed over her head. She then stared at him as he patiently tied the sleeves of his coat into a knot, wrapping her long hair in it. 

She lifted her hand, patted the hand–made, temporary hijab on her head, and was slightly astonished. 

Waylon looked at her. “I can barely see your hair now. I don‘t think you would want to go back and be seen like this, would you?” 

Cameron lowered her gaze. ‘It turns out that he‘s worried about my identity being exposed. That‘s why he wrapped my 

long hair in his coat. “Mr. Southern!” Hearing Mahina‘s voice, Cameron turned her head around, only to see Mahina running straight out of a car. She ran up to Cameron and took a better look at her. Seeing that she looked flustered, she asked worriedly, “Are you alright?” 

Cameron waved. “I‘m fine. Have you been looking for us?” 

Mahina responded with a smile, “Jake guessed that you should‘ve gotten into the fishing village and hidden yourselves there, so he ordered us to stay on guard at the city gate. Thank God that you‘re both fine.” 

Nollace got out of the car at that moment. 

Waylon walked up to him. “Where‘s Daisie?” 

“She‘s in the hospital,” he replied. Waylon frowned. “What happened to her?” Nollace shook his head. “It‘s not her. It‘s Mr. Southern Sr.” 

Cameron, who just so happened to walk up to the both of them at this time, heard what Nollace said, and her expression changed slightly as she dashed forward. “What happened to my father!?” 

Mahina quickly explained, “Mr. Southern Sr. went to the hospital yesterday to visit Mr. Serrano and was discovered by Manuel. Mr. Southern Sr. fought with Manuel‘s men but was ambushed and got injured. He’s fine, however. Ms. Vanderbilt has been taking care of Mr. Southern Sr. in the hospital after notifying us about the incident.” 

Cameron heaved a sigh of relief, and her gaze turned cold instantly. “It‘s Manuel‘s doing, huh? I‘ll settle the score with him when I get back.” 

Mahina saw the two chicken cages in her hand. “Mr. Southern, these are…” Only then did Cameron hand the two cages to Mahina. “Bring these back and get our cooks to make some chicken broth and dishes for Mr. Goldmann to make up for his injuries. He‘s been 

severely injured.” 

Cameron did not wait for them and left the scene first. 

Nollace and Mahina looked at Waylon at the same time. He did not look like he had been seriously injured. 

Cameron went back, took a shower, changed into some clean clothes, and went to the hospital with her men immediately. 

She pushed open the door of the ward. “Father!” Sunny was sitting on the hospital bed, eating congee, and raised his head when he heard Cameron’s voice. “You seem fine.“


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