The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2117

Chapter 2117 Daisie walked out from behind the group of men. One of the assassins was stunned and realized something. “Aren‘t you the nurse at the nurse station?” 

Daisie squinted and smirked. “Then are you doctors only because you‘re wearing white coats?” 

The men were at a loss for words. 

They had wanted to sneak into the hospital in the middle of the night to murder Joaqin, but they did not expect these people to wait here to ambush them ahead of time. It was estimated that the people who had gone after Sunny had also failed. 

It was dawn, and a ray of sunlight shone into the room through a crack in the window

Because Cameron had been sleeping in one position, her entire arm was numb when she woke up. 

She turned over subconsciously and found that there was another blanket on her body, and the other side of the bed was empty. 

When she rubbed her hand against the space of the bed, there was not even a trace of residual warmth. 

‘It seems that he‘s woken up a lot earlier.‘ 

Cameron did some basic stretching, got out of bed, and walked out of the room groggily. However, before she could get into the living room, she heard the voice of the old lady who let them into her house. 

Cameron lifted the curtains, went out, and saw breakfast on the table. At this time, the old lady came out of the kitchen carrying more dishes and saw her. “Girl, you‘ve woken up.” Cameron stared at the exquisite food on the table. “These are..” 

“Oh, these are your boyfriend‘s masterpieces.” 

“My boy… Boyfriend?” Cameron was taken aback. The old lady laughed. “Aren‘t the two of you a couple? By the way, your boyfriend‘s cooking skills are top–notch. You really have good eyes. You‘ve actually found yourself such a handsome boyfriend who can cook. You‘ll definitely live a life full of delicious meals after you get married in the future.” 

The corner of Cameron‘s lips twitched, and she covered her forehead, “Madam, you‘ve misunderstood. We‘re not in that kind of relationship.” Waylon came out of the kitchen with the last dish and placed it on the table. The old lady seemed to have not heard Cameron‘s explanation and started praising Waylon. “So sorry to have to bother you so early in the morning. You even have to help me make breakfast.” 

Waylon let off an amiable smile. “You‘re exaggerating, madam. You‘re the one who took us in for the night. We‘re the ones who bothered you, so you don‘t need to feel embarrassed to ask me to help you make breakfast.” 

Seeing that he was such a sensible young man, the old lady grinned from ear to ear. Cameron sat in the seat and looked at the scrumptious and appetizing breakfast on the table. She picked up the silverware and tasted it, and her eyes lit up. She then stared up at Waylon.” You‘re quite good at cooking, Mr. Goldmann.” ‘These are comparable to the breakfast made by chefs from high–end restaurants.‘ 

Waylon filled a bowl with some oatmeal. “My mother was a busy woman when I was young, so in order to share her burden, I was usually the one who made breakfast.” Cameron was startled. “Aren‘t there servants in the Goldmann mansion? Why would you need to make breakfast?” 

‘Just like me, I‘ve never entered the kitchen to cook because we have cooks at home who are specially tasked to cook us meals. Forget about me. Even my father can‘t make a decent breakfast at his age.‘ 

Waylon stirred the oatmeal in his bowl with a spoon, and his eyes moved. “We hadn‘t gone back to the Goldmanns at that time.” 

Cameron choked on her own words. ‘I shouldn‘t have dug so deep when it comes to somebody else‘s family affairs.’ After breakfast, both of them bid the old lady goodbye. The old lady was so enthusiastic and affectionate that she gave them two chickens she had raised by herself. Cameron was too embarrassed to refuse her kindness, so she accepted it. Walking to the side of the road, Waylon stretched out his hand. “Give them to me. I‘ll carry them.” 

“No, it‘s just two chickens.” She pushed his hand away. “You‘re injured, so act like someone that‘s injured, and don‘t worry about such petty matters.” Cameron lifted the two cages and knocked on the doors. “When we get home, I‘ll make chicken broth out of the two of you.” The chickens in the cage glared straight at her. 


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