The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2116

Chapter 216 Waylon hesitated slightly. “You…” “Are you shy?” Cameron looked at him and raised her eyebrows lightly. “Don‘t worry. I won‘t do anything to you. Just treat me like a man.” 

Waylon was at a loss for words. 

Cameron arranged her pillows, and in order to make room for him, she lay on her side with her back facing him and then added, “I don‘t move much when I‘m asleep. You have my word that I won‘t be touching you while you‘re sleeping, so don‘t worry.” Waylon smiled helplessly, smoothed the blanket on his body, and lay down on his back. The small single bed was indeed a little too crowded for two people, and it was almost impossible to turn over at will. 

Cameron lay on her side and left a little gap between the two of them, most probably fearing that she would get into contact with the wound on his arm. 

Waylon stared at the ceiling for a long time, then turned his head to the side and looked at the woman lying beside him with her back facing him. “You really don‘t mind this at all, huh?” She was flustered, then rested her elbow under the side of her head. “What‘s there to mind? This is not my first time sleeping on the same bed with another man. I‘ve eaten and stayed under the same roof with five or six men before.” 

He frowned. “Didn‘t they get suspicious of your identity?” 

Cameron stared at the corner of the room. “Why would they suspect me? In their eyes, I‘m their young master. They would talk to me as if they were talking to a tiger, so who would have the guts to doubt my identity?” Waylon smirked. “You‘re correct in that sense too.” He then slightly turned over to his side of the bed to make more space. 

After the lights went out, the room was pitch black. The two were lying on the same bed, and neither had spoken since then. 

In fact, Cameron could not fall asleep at all, and she did not dare to turn over at will either. When she went to sea and stayed under the roof with those subordinates, she did not feel embarrassed. Perhaps, it was because those men treated her like a man and did not even know she was a woman. 

But things were a little different with Waylon. He knew her identity, and that was why she felt a little embarrassed. 

However, most probably because she did not get to rest well in the woods last night, she soon became drowsy and fell asleep. What she did not know was that Waylon could not sleep throughout the night. After all, it was his first time sharing a bed with a woman. Cameron did not move all night, and she was extremely cautious, even when she was sleeping. She remained still in the position that she fell asleep in for a long time. But someone was 

worried that she would roll off the bed because she turned over while she was sleeping and looked back at her four to five times. Waylon placed the back of his hand against his forehead. ‘Sure enough, not every woman sleeps as restlessly as Daisie does.‘ Meanwhile, at the hospital… 

When the elevator door opened, the nurse was going through some documents at the nurse station. Two doctors in white robes and masks walked out of the elevator, passed by the station, and knocked on the table. “Which ward is Mr. Serrano in?” 

The nurse answered them without even lifting her head. “Ward 63.” 

The two men came to the door of Ward 63, skimmed through the patient‘s chart, and determined that it was indeed Joaqin. 

The two exchanged gazes and pushed the door open. 

Through the dim light in the corridor, they saw the man lying on the hospital bed with his back facing the door. He seemed to be sleeping soundly and not making any movement. One of the men pulled a dagger out of his robe, walked up to the bed, and stabbed the person on the bed accurately. Sensing something immediately after the stab, the man turned over the person on the bed. It was a silicone dummy! “F*ck! We‘ve been played!” 

They quickly fled, but as soon as they got out of the ward, they saw several men coming out of the room next to the ward. They turned around and saw three men holding daggers and blocking their way into the corridor behind them. The other party came at them from both ends of the corridor. The two men gnashed their teeth, bit the bullet, took out their daggers, and sprinted toward the men. They were outnumbered, and the two of them were quickly captured. 


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