The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1210

Bennett was stunned. “Tucker, what happened? What’s wrong? Where’s Shadow?”
Just then, a man’s voice came from the other end of the line. “Shadow’s dead, and I’m holding your son hostage. Come meet me in the middle of Moonlight Lake in California before twelve. I’ll be waiting for you there, but for every minute you’re late for the meeting, I’ll chop off one of your son’s fingers.”
The man who spoke was Alex, crushing the phone into dust as soon as he said everything he wanted to.
“Hey! Who are you? I said, who are you? Hey…”
Bennett started panicking, yelling, and screaming with all his might.
However, Tucker’s phone was ruined before he could reply.
Ruby and Bailey jumped, asking him, “What happened? What did Tucker say?”
Bennett’s eyes were starting to redden. “Tucker’s been held hostage. Shadow’s dead too! Someone told us to save him in the middle of Moonlight Lake before twelve. He even said that he’d chop off one of his fingers for every minute we are late.”
“How did this happen?”
The two women were just fantasizing about their blissful lives after becoming trillionaires. They really didn’t expect their dreams to be crushed in an instant.
“The middle of Moonlight Lake? Isn’t that where the grandmaster battle happened last night?” Bailey jumped again.
“Brother, why did they ask to meet up there? Could they be trying to use the same trick and place bombs underwater so that they could kill us off in one go?”
Ruby immediately said, “Yeah! You can’t go to such a place!”
Bennett questioned, “Then what should we do? Do you really want Tucker to die before our eyes?”
Ruby’s eyes were filled with hatred as she stumbled over her words.
“Have Soraya go,” she said, after putting some thought into it.
“Huh?” Bennett froze. “Soraya’s just a little Mystic-ranked girl. What good will she bring us? Even Shadow died!”
Ruby said, “Soraya’s a team leader in Divine Constabulary, so she has Shaun, one of the Four Great Guardians behind her back. Lexia would definitely find other big families to help protect her too. So as long as two grandmasters go along with her, they would definitely be able to save Tucker.”
Bennett asked, “Mom, are you not worried that someone might reveal what we’ve done in the past?”
Ruby replied, “Don’t worry, Soraya’s dumb, so she wouldn’t find out about the truth at all! Besides, those b*tches Yvonne and Brianna don’t even know what happened back then. I’m sure all she wants now is revenge. If they were to kill them off immediately, it would be like killing two birds with one stone! No one can expose the truth anymore if they’re dead.”
Above Moonlight Lake was a crescent moon. A soft breeze made slight waves on the water.
There was a three meter long boat floating on the water. There didn’t seem to be any oars, yet the boat still managed to sail against the wind.
Tucker was paralyzed on the floor like a corpse. He no longer had the arrogance he showed in the morning. The pain was so unbearable that it caused him a mental breakdown. All he wanted to do was end this hell of a nightmare, really wishing that this was but a dream. However, the intermittent stinging down there reminded him that this was reality.
On the other hand, a man and a woman stood at the end of the boat, ignoring him completely. They looked as if they were just here to travel and sightsee.
These two were obviously Alex and Aunt Rockefeller.
Waltz and Maya headed back to the Rockefeller manor along with Brittany and Holly. They decided that it was best for them to hide away at the moment, in case the Melvis family panicked and did something extreme.
“Huh? Didn’t expect you to be such an important figure! The grandson of the president of Divine Constabulary! How rare!” Aunt Rockefeller said as she patted him on the shoulder.
After saying this, she ruffled his hair and narrowed her eyes. “Your hair is getting a little too long. You should cut it.”
Alex furrowed his brows a little. He wasn’t the most comfortable with such intimacy.
He slapped off her hand. “Hey, don’t do that. Others might think that you’re my wife or something!”
Aunt Rockefeller froze and chuckled. “I might be!”


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