The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1209

Ruby currently lived in the largest room of the Melvis manor in Alaska since she was Geronimo’s first wife. It was situated on the east side of the manor’s fourth floor
At the time, her room was brightly lit up.
Ruby, in her late seventies, wasn’t asleep yet. She was waiting for good news, waiting for her grandson to call her to say that Lush Cosmetics had been obtained successfully.
Geronimo had three wives, with Ruby his first and Lexia his second. Yvonne was the one he loved the most, so, Ruby had plotted schemes just so she could chase her out.
Ruby had been controlling the entire family for many years, wanting to inherit the Divine Constabulary. However, the Divine Constabulary had always strived on martial arts and credits. Hence, it didn’t matter if Bennet had been working as the general manager for decades. It was simply impossible that he would end up president.
On the other hand, Lexia put all her focus into managing businesses. She had been doing quite well these years, earning hundreds of billions in profit. In a society that prioritized wealth, Lexia naturally managed to increase her status within the family.
The maids’ salaries and offerings for professional martial artists, for instance, were all managed by her. It was apparent wealth made an individual’s importance soar.
The grandmasters that they had hired favored Lexia much more than Ruby because martial arts training was a costly endeavor. However, if Ruby managed to get Lush Cosmetics, things would be different.
She couldn’t fathom how it would feel about managing this business that earned trillions of dollars of profit a year. Ruby knew that this would exceed Lexia’s business empire within a year, crushing her beneath her feet, and making those grandmasters kowtow before her.
‘Geronimo might have to ask me for money while observing my mood!’
‘This is just thrilling!’
Bennett and Bailey were waiting in their villa as well. They just couldn’t wait to hear from Tucker.
“Mom, Tucker said that he invited Brianna and her son to have a business talk at eight o’clock Shadow would be there to help as well. I heard that he’s an Advanced-Earth rank fighter. His methods of killing were as brutal as half-step grandmasters too. So I’m sure that nothing will go wrong,” Bennett smiled.
He didn’t tell them about one other detail, however. Tucker had actually brought along Nick Seay and his girlfriend to deal with those two.
When Bennett found out, he felt as though a dog had bitten him
‘Is he nuts?’
‘Does he not know that we have to keep this a secret? How could he let those outsiders find out about this?’
‘Thank god I ordered Shadow to kill them off.’
‘But I can’t tell my mother about this, lest she’d be really disappointed in Tucker.’
Ruby nodded. “Good, good. Tucker’s all grown up now, so it’s nice that he starts paving his own path! Looks like he didn’t expose his identity after asking that little b*tch to meet. As long as he managed to get her out, everything would play out as planned.”
However, the old lady had no idea that Tucker had exposed himself long before the meeting.
He even had Nick yell out “Brianna Melvis,” showing that he saw through Brittany’s mask.
If the old lady were to find out about this, she would probably vomit a whole pool of blood from anger. Her grandson was honestly a mere fool.
Beep… beep… beep…
Just then, Tucker called.
When Bennett noticed the contact on his phone, he was overjoyed. “Tucker’s calling! Looks like everything’s settled!”
He answered. “Hello?”
Next thing he knew, Bennett heard his son sobbing. “Dad, help! Please help me!”


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