The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2115

Chapter 2115 The doctor came out, and they hastily asked, “How is Mr. Southern Sr.?” The doctor took off his mask and said,” Don‘t worry. Mr. Southern Sr. will be fine. We‘ve already stitched the wound. Just make sure that he has enough rest and doesn‘t get any water on the wound in the next few days. After a week, he can come back here and get the stitches removed.” 

Daisie pushed the door open and entered the ward. 

she saw that Sunny was lying on the bed, receiving an infusion while his pale face was filled with fatigue. She dared not to imagine what would happen if she had come a little later. Sunny‘s men walked inside and said, “Don‘t worry, Ms. Vanderbilt. Mr. Southern Sr. will be fine.” 

She nodded and asked, “By the way, what is Mr. Southern Sr. doing in the hospital?” 

The man replied, “Mr. Southern Sr. is here to look for Joaqin.” 

Daisie was startled. “Joaqin is still alive?” He nodded. “Manuel planned to kill Joaqin, but Neal saved him.” After he finished speaking, he sighed and continued. “We didn’t expect that Manuel would ambush us at the hospital. If it weren‘t for someone‘s help from the side, Mr. Southern Sr. might be in danger.” 

Daisie lowered her head. She suspected that the person who helped them from the side was Saydie. 

She pressed her lips tightly and said, “Since Manuel couldn‘t get what he wanted today, I‘m sure he‘ll make his moves again. It isn‘t safe for them to stay at the hospital anymore, but we don‘t have enough people right now…” 

Daisie looked at Sunny on the bed, and something flashed across her head. “I have an idea.” 

In the evening, at the fishing village… 

The old lady enthusiastically told them to stay for the night. It was already late, and there was no transport back to the town anymore. Since Waylon was injured, Cameron agreed, and they stayed for one night. The sky had gotten even darker after they finished their dinner. The old lady cleaned up a room for them and said, “This was originally my son‘s room, but he hasn‘t been back for many years. You‘ll have to settle for one night.” There was not much furniture in the room. There was nothing else in the room besides a single bed, a closet, a table, a chair, and an old–fashioned ceiling fan. The room was not equipped with air–conditioning either. Cameron was stunned. “Wait a moment, madam. We—” The old lady was already gone when she turned her head around and was about to say something. 

‘How are we supposed to sleep since there is only a room and a bed?‘ Waylon came into the room and said, “Well, we have no choice but to settle for one night.” Cameron looked at the single bed and asked, “Are you really sure about that?” Waylon sat on the bed and looked at Cameron silently. She took a deep breath and waved her hand. “Fine. You‘re injured. You can have the bed. I‘ll sleep on the floor.” 

The good thing was that there was a cool mat in the room and extra pillows in the closet. She could even sleep in the woods, so she could sleep on the floor as well. After she laid the cool mat on the floor and just when she was about to lie down, she saw something flitted across the bottom of the cupboard, creating a lot of noise in it. Cameron looked down, and then a mouse suddenly leaped out of the dark. “Argh! A mouse!” She threw herself on the bed and accidentally landed on Waylon‘s leg. Hissing with pain, Waylon hastily supported himself by putting his arm on the bed behind him. 

Cameron got up from Waylon and sat at the side of the bed. “I‘m sorry. I didn‘t mean it.” Waylon slowly loosened his arm muscles and raised his head to look at her. This was 

something he had never seen before, so he teased her. “This is new. I didn‘t know that you’re scared of mice.” “Don‘t you find mice gross? They find their food in the garbage and spend most of their time crawling through the sewers. What if they crawled on top of me in the middle of the night? Just thinking about it makes me sick.” Cameron rubbed her arms as goosebumps began to pop up on her skin. Waylon chuckled helplessly. 

Suddenly, Cameron went closer to him. 

She crawled to the spot next to Waylon and found that the bed could fit two of them. She patted the bed and said, “Would you mind sharing one side of the bed with me, Mr. Goldmann?” 


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