The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2120

Chapter 2120 Cameron picked up the scorpion with a tweezer and placed it on the back of her hand, 

The scorpion crawled slowly but did not sting her. 

The man‘s scalp went numb just by looking at it. 

“There‘s actually someone in this world who keeps venomous scorpions as pets! This is so perverted!’ 

Cameron saw his gaze, understood what he was thinking, and sneered. “I can let you go, but I need you to do me a favor. If you can accomplish the task, you‘ll be rewarded. But if you don‘t, I‘ll give you a taste of a venomous scorpion bath.” 

The man bit the bullet and asked, “What do you want me to do?” 

“It‘s very simple. Spread the fact that Joaqin Serrano is still alive to the public, including Manuel‘s intention to murder him.” Cameron approached him. “Can you do that?” 

He nodded hurriedly. “Yes, yes!” 

Cameron asked her subordinates to untie him. 

After the man was released, he fled immediately for fear that Cameron would go back on her word. 

Cameron came out of The Commune, and Mahina was waiting for her at the door. She did not get anyone to stop the man who ran out just now because she knew that Cameron must have let him go on purpose. “Young master, will he betray us?” 

Cameron opened the car door and got in the car. “What can he do to betray us? I only asked him to spread the news that Joaqin is still alive. So, when the men working for The Serpents know that Manuel intends to kill their former boss, will they still trust him?” 

Even if Fabio and the people behind him supported Manuel, the people in The Serpents would never turn to him anymore. She wanted to get rid of Manuel slowly but steadily. It would be best if she could kill two birds with one stone and find out who was the person supporting Manuel from behind. 

Waylon was changing his bandages and ointment alone in the room when Daisie opened the door, smelled the odor of the ointment, and was surprised. “Waylon, are you injured?” He bit the bandage and tied the knot of the bandage with the other hand. “I‘m fine. It‘s just a flesh wound.” 

“No, a flesh injury is still an injury. You have to go to the hospital for an examination.” She walked into the room and wanted to drag him out after saying that. However, instead of Daisie managing to pull Waylon out of the room, he grabbed her on the wrist. “Daisie, I‘m really fine. Cameron has already helped me with the wound before this.” Daisie‘s eyes went from side to side, and she suddenly gave in. “Oh, then it should be fine.” Waylon lifted his gaze and stared at her. “What‘s the matter?” 

“No.” She moved to the side, sat down, and pursed her lips. “Thank God Cameron was there. Isn‘t she very awesome?” He responded with a hum as he packed the first–aid kit. “Yeah, she‘s pretty awesome.” Daisie leaned closer to him and winked. “Just how amazing is she?” He was stunned for a split second, turned his head to the side, stared at her expectant gaze, raised his hand, and knocked the top of her head with his knuckle. “Just what are you thinking?” 

She scratched her head, pouted, and did not utter a single word. 

‘Waylon is way too shrewd. I can‘t ask him too many questions.‘ 

Waylon got up and put the first–aid kit away. “You and Cameron have only known each other for a month, and you‘ve gotten so close to her?” 

Daisie giggled. “Of course. You won‘t understand it. This is the friendship between ladies.” 

Waylon turned around and glanced at her. “It seems that you like her very much.” 

Daisie did not deny it, got up, and walked to the window. “I like everyone that treats me well. Besides, you can consider her as my master in martial arts.” Thinking of something, she turned around abruptly. “By the way, has Aunt Saydie been protecting us secretly?” Waylon nodded. “Her current identity impedes her from appearing in front of us, but it‘s thanks to you this time around.” 

He then walked up to Daisie, raised his hand, and rubbed the top of her head. “I‘ve always been worried that they‘ll make a move on the Southern Clan when we‘re not here, and you might not be able to handle it alone when the time comes. Fortunately, you‘ve done the Southern Clan a tiny favor this time around.” Daisie lowered her gaze. “That‘s thanks to Aunt Saydie too.” 

‘Without Aunt Saydie‘s text message, I would have no idea that Mr. Southern Sr. was in danger. 


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