The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2130

Chapter 2130 Daisie replied in a serious voice, “No way! The first rule in chess is that we must go all out regardless of who we‘re playing with. If you lose, you lose.” Cameron crossed her arms in front of her chest and said, “Dad, just admit that you‘re not as good as her. Stop bullying a little girl.” Cameron sighed. “There‘s no one to continue my bloodline. Is there anything worse than that?” 

Daisie couldn‘t help herself and laughed. Cameron then said with a straight face, “You talk as if I can really help you to pass on your lineage.” 

Sunny picked up a cup of tea and sighed. “But how are you going to explain it this time?” 

She did not want to waste her time with him, so she said, “Alright, let‘s stop that. I have something to discuss with you.” Sunny became serious and asked, “What is it about?” Daisie knew she shouldn‘t stay here, so she rose to her feet and said, “Then I‘ll go back to my room first.” 

Cameron sat on Daisie‘s seat and filled him with everything she had said to Fabio yesterday. After Sunny listened to what she said, he asked calmly, “So you want him to help you get rid of Manuel?” 

“We can get rid of Manuel and lure the person behind him out. Isn‘t this the best way?” 

He frowned. “Manuel can‘t escape anymore, but I‘m worried that the person behind him may not take the bait.” 

Cameron was stunned. “You know the person behind him?” Sunny nodded and said, “It‘s Donald.” 

A hint of surprise crossed Cameron‘s eyes as she exclaimed, “Isn‘t he the person who Nollace has been looking for?” 

It was never in her wildest dream that the person behind Manuel’s back would be him. 

Sunny slowly rose to his feet and walked to the side. “Nollace is the one who noticed the problem with the account book. He has long suspected that someone in The Serpents is working with Donald. I think it‘s Donald who instigated Manuel to take over The Serpents from Florence.” He turned his head around to look at Cameron and continued. “What Donald needs is a pawn who can get Fabio‘s attention, and this pawn is none other than Manuel. Even if you want to get to Donald through Fabio, Donald won‘t give in that easily. Not to mention that he‘s hiding in the dark. We don‘t know when he‘ll return fire.” Cameron chuckled, “Maybe. He was the one who ordered those people to hunt Waylon and me down at that time.” 

Sunny was stunned. He suddenly remembered that Nollace had told him before that there were two groups of people that day. One of the groups was going for Daisie. They were from 

The Serpents and had not brought any weapons with them since they wanted to capture her alive. However, Cameron and Waylon had been facing a group of outlaws. 

In other words, Manuel had not been trying to distract them. Instead, Manuel and Donald had made a move at the same time. 

Donald wanted Manuel to capture Daisie so that he could use her to lure out Nollace. As for Cameron, he wanted to get rid of her to throw the Southern Clan into turmoil as well as to help Manuel capture Fabio‘s attention. 

It was a good plan that killed two birds with one stone. 

Manuel came to the Irissa Hotel to discuss with Donald what they should do next. After Manuel left, Buchanon from the Parkin Chamber of Commerce came to him. 

Donald invited Buchanon to the restaurant. Buchanon went straight to the point and said,” Mr. Puzo wanted me to ask you if you have been in contact with Manuel in secret.” 

Smilingly, he replied, “Why would Mr. Puzo think that? I‘ve only met with Manuel from The Serpents a few times. We‘ve never talked to each other much.” 

“Since you‘ve defected to Mr. Puzo, I suggest you drop all your fantasies. Mr. Puzo knows everything you did in Yaramoor, and he wants me to bring you a message. You‘re in the Eastern islands now, so you need to follow the rules of the islands. With your intelligence and tactics, if you can‘t be used for Mr. Puzo, then he won‘t keep you. I hope you can understand this, Mr. Matthews.” 

After he finished speaking, he left with his men without waiting for a reply from Donald. Donald‘s face sank From the moment Manuel looked for him, he knew that Fabio had started to suspect him. 


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