The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2131

Chapter 2131 ‘That b*stard Cameron! He actually used the account book to convince Fabio that Manuel and I are related.‘ 

A fat man walked behind Donald. “Sir, what should we do now?” Donald picked up the water glass on the table and drank the water slowly, and his gaze turned stern gradually. “What else can we do? I can only abandon this chess piece of mine so that I can prove my loyalty to Mr. Puzo.” 

After Manuel returned, he still imagined that Donald would help him to solve the issue. However, unexpectedly, he suddenly received a call from an unknown woman. The woman said something to him, and Manuel‘s expression changed drastically. “How is this possible!?” 

“Believe it or not, Mr. Estrada, do you really think that Donald will help you? He has already decided to push you out into the wilderness. You should find a way to escape now. Otherwise, Donald might even get rid of you in order to protect himself.” Manuel wanted to say something, but the other party had already ended the call. 

He panicked. 

‘Donald is the one who asked me to do everything. I actually planned to continue to protect his identity to the end. However, he‘s already planning to sacrifice me as soon as the account book was revealed? 

‘No, I can‘t just sit here and wait for my doom to come. I must come up with a way to get out of this place first.‘ 

Saydie, who was sitting in a car, deleted the call log and looked out the window. The building located directly opposite her was the Serrano residence. 

She then wrote a text message, sent it to Waylon, and also deleted the message. 

At the same time, in the Southern residence‘s study… 

Sunny learned from Waylon that Donald was going to abandon Manuel and laughed out loud. 

“Manuel has seen Donald‘s true colors this time, and I think he‘ll act against Donald to save his own *ss. The time is just right. We should make our move now.” 

After that, he looked at Cameron. “Cam, you and Wayne should go to the pier and keep watch. Bring some men along and make good use of them. You must capture Manuel as soon as he appears.” 

Cameron got up. “Got it.” 

At four in the afternoon… 

Cameron and Waylon arrived at the dock early, and they had also assigned their men to go into hiding around the dock and prepare themselves for a sneak attack 

Cameron looked out the window. “Are you sure that Manuel will leave the East Islands?” 

Wavlon placed his hand on the steering wheel and stared straight to the front. “If you learned that someone had abandoned you and even wanted you dead, would you still have the guts to stay here?” 

‘As soon as he was forced into such a difficult and tight corner, Manuel couldn‘t even protect himself. 

‘Donald wouldn‘t help him. He would only push him out there to die and might even end him in order to silence him. And if he can‘t amass the money in three days, Fabio won‘t let him off this matter. When faced with this double trouble, it‘s impossible for Manuel to have the guts to continue to stay in the East Islands. 

‘His only way to survive is to escape the island.’ 

Cameron propped her arm against the side of her forehead. “You knew that Donald would sacrifice Manuel. That‘s why you deliberately induced him to escape?” Waylon turned to look at her. “Allowing him to escape is just an excuse. Rather than let him be murdered, it‘s better to make him fall into our hands. Once Donald‘s plan fails, and we can extract evidence from Manuel, that‘s the end for Donald.” 

Cameron stared at him and said nothing. 

I‘ve always wanted to get rid of Manuel, but I never thought Manuel‘s death might lead to Donald getting away. My father had predicted that Donald wouldn‘t comply. 

Since Donald wants to use Manuel to secure power, he won‘t allow his pawn to threaten him, especially when he’s still far from being able to go head–to–head with Fabio. Thus, his only choice is to sacrifice his pawn and push all the blame onto that pawn. 

‘Fabio doesn‘t care about Manuel‘s life or death. The only thing that he cares about is a person‘s attitude and loyalty. ‘Wayne‘s strategy is to save Manuel‘s life and use him to contain Donald. That‘s what smart people would do. It‘s no wonder my father has high hopes for him. If this man were to be an enemy of the Southern Clan, I might not even be his match.‘ “Why are you staring at me?”


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