The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1225

“Mm, mm…” Alex was stunned instantly. He was shocked and dumbfounded.
His eyes were widened as his limbs trembled terrifyingly. The white bath towel that was draped on his body fell off.
‘This… Something very bad is going to happen!’
Aunt Rockefeller was undeniably beautiful and charismatic. Her ever changing temperament would cause people’s hearts to race wildly and their blood to boil. He also wondered if she was really William Rockefeller’s sister. But, what if she really was? If she was his real aunt, he would really get struck by the lightning then!
Ten seconds had passed, he could feel the alcoholic breath in Aunt Rockefeller’s mouth had all gone into his stomach.
In the next second, he pushed her away heavily and yelled, “What the f*ck, are you insane?! How could you, how could you… Do you really think that you’re Shooriyojou?!”
Most importantly, he was slightly afraid. He was afraid that he might fall in love with Aunt Rockefeller!
The story of The Condor Hero and Shooriyojou had taught him that falling in love with Aunt Rockefeller would be a very difficult matter.
After Aunt Rockefeller was pushed away, she staggered two steps backward.
She took two deep glances at him and said, “I’m sorry. The wine got into my head and I missed my man at home.”
This time, it was Alex’s turn to feel a little jealous. “You you have a man? Then, where is he now? How come I’ve never seen him before?”
She glared at him and said, “He has turned into a ghost!”
“He’s dead?”
“Kind of!”
Alex wanted to continue asking but Aunt Rockefeller did not want to answer his questions anymore.
She finished the red wine in the bottle with a gulp. After drinking it, she laid on the bed. “Your aunt is feeling sleepy. Turn off the lights!”
Alex sat on the other bed and looked at her. “Are you not going to shower?”
“Shower… My *ss!”
After that, she fell asleep.
However, Alex had insomnia. He sat on the front of the bed until the sun rose!
Meanwhile, there were more people who were more devastated than Alex. For example, the few people at Moonlight Lake.
They thought everything would be fine as soon as the day arrived. As long as the sun rose, they would surely be able to distinguish the directions. If it was not possible, the people around the Moonlight lake or the people patrolling the lake might discover their existence.
However, they had miscalculated.
When they were trapped inside the spell formation, they could not see the sun at all.
Other people would not be able to see them as well. No matter how loud they shouted, it would be of no use!
“Are we really going to grow old and die here?”
“Grow old and die? Are you kidding?”
“We don’t have any food. How many days can we survive just by drinking this lake water alone?”
The crowd immediately fell into silence for a moment and the way everyone looked at Soraya had become unfriendly. If it weren’t for the people of the Melvis family and Ruby Lamar’s instructions, why would they come here in the middle of the night to rescue Tucker Melvis?
This was all because of the Melvis family!
At the same time, Tucker was receiving treatment in Alaska’s Concordia Hospital. Her mother, Jensen and his uncle, Duncan, were accompanying him.
Back then, Tucker thought that his uncle was very nice and treated him like his own son, causing many people to be envious of him. However, he felt very uncomfortable in his heart… He could see the signs when Bennett Melvis escaped in a hurry without even taking a look at him, and when his father was infected with the parasitic disease, his mother did not say a word nor have much change in her expression.
Finally, he could not hold it in anymore. “Mom, tell me. Who is my father? Is it him?”


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