The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1226

“Tucker, you… that’s just nonsense by others. How could you…”
Jensen wanted to rebut him but Duncan at the side suddenly opened his mouth. “Yes, Tucker. I’m indeed your biological father!”
Jensen was shocked. “W-what the hell are you doing?”
Duncan said, “Annie, Bennett Melvis and Ruby Lamar are done for. We don’t have to be afraid of them anymore! Look, they have been infected by the parasitic disease of the Canyonland. It’s unknown if they could survive it. Do you think Brianna Melvis would let them off that easily? Besides, you know the attitude of the Melvis family’s old man the best. He has an absolute obsession with Brianna. Once he knows what happened, even if Brianna doesn’t kill them, the old man would also kill them.”
Tucker was on the verge of collapse.
“But, you’re… You’re cousins. How could you do this? Aren’t you afraid that I might end up as a mentally ill child? And, my brother, is he your son too?”
Tucker also had a brother born from the same mother: He was called Tuckson Melvis.
Duncan nodded his head. “Yes, he’s my son too.”
“That means, Mom, you had an affair right after you married into the Melvis family?”
Jensen’s face turned pale.
Duncan slapped Tucker on his face. “What nonsense are you saying? Your mom did not have an affair. She was with me even before she got married to Bennett Melvis. If it weren’t for the great power of the Melvis family, how could she marry that inhumane eunuch, Bennett Melvis? Think about it, he’s an eunuch. Why would he want a wife? Isn’t he ruining your mother?”
Tucker instantly felt terrible because he had also become an eunuch now.
After the doctor examined him just now, he mentioned that his bottom could not be preserved anymore and it had to be cut off. Or else, it would infect other parts of his body and there would be a life-threatening danger as well. As soon as he thought about the beautiful women who would leave him right away, he wanted to die badly.
“Get the hell out of here! I won’t believe whatever you said. If my dad were an eunuch, how would he not know that his two sons belonged to someone else? How would he let my mother live peacefully in the Melvis family while turning himself into a cuckold?”
Duncan scoffed. “He thought you were test tube babies. In fact, you were the results of me and your mother’s hard work. Do you know how difficult was it to give birth to you, brat? I had plowed thirty times, I was so exhausted that I was going to collapse!”
On the other hand, Jensen’s face was flushed. “That’s enough, quit talking. Get ready immediately and leave Alaska.”
At this time, a few guards of the Melvis family walked in. “All of you, please follow us back to the Melvis family to clearly investigate your relationships. Once it is confirmed that Tucker Melvis isn’t a biological offspring of the Melvis family, you all will be eliminated.”
The few people did not expect the guards of the Melvis family would be so quick. They even looked for them in a small hospital!
They were done for this time!
It was eight o’clock in the morning at a restaurant in the five star hotel.
According to Alex’s cultivation and physique, he would not feel a thing even if he did not sleep for a few days. Hence, he went to the restaurant to have his meal early in the morning. He had to say that the breakfast in the five star hotel was very lavish, especially when he stayed in the presidential suite. At first, the breakfast could be sent to their room. However, he did not want to disturb Aunt Rockefeller’s sleep, so he went to the buffet restaurant.
However, unexpectedly, just when he got some food and sat down, Aunt Rockefeller followed over.
“Little brat, why didn’t you wake me up for breakfast? Are you trying to eat alone?”
Aunt Rockefeller picked up the cutlery and knocked his head once.
Alex looked at her. He always felt unnatural when he saw her again because of that kiss earlier. Whereas, the woman acted naturally, as if she had long forgotten about it.
Just when they were both eating the food, a young man suddenly walked over. He seemed well mannered and well dressed but he did not conceal his adoration for Aunt Rockefeller in his eyes when he looked at her. “Pretty lady here, excuse me. My surname is Seay, it’s Seay from the Seay family of Alaska. May I know your name, pretty lady?”
Aunt Rockefeller did not even bother to raise her head. She kicked Alex underneath the table, so that he could chase him away but Alex did not want to move either.
In the end, Aunt Rockefeller glared at him and said to the young man, “Shooriyojou.”
“Huh? You’re called Shooriyojou? What a lovely name!”
Aunt Rockefeller pointed at Alex. “And he’s the Condor Hero. So, pissed off!”


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