The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2132

Chapter 2132 

Cameron returned to her senses and caught Waylon‘s gaze. 

‘Have I been staring at him all this while?‘ 

Cameron cleared her throat and turned her head away. “Did you grow up eating walnuts?» 

“Walnuts?” Waylon frowned, squinted, and then gave off a faint smirk. “That‘s rather superstitious, but are you praising me, Mr. Southern?” 

She looked out the window. “Whatever, you‘re free to think however you like.” 

She did not know if it was because of the rumors, but she felt a little awkward when she was with Waylon. 

‘He should have heard of those rumors too, but maybe he‘s not taking it seriously. Could it be that I‘m the only one who keeps thinking about it?‘ 

At half past five in the evening, Manuel drove to the pier. 

As soon as Florence woke up in the back seat, she was shocked to see herself in the car. She then thought of the words that Manuel had said to her before knocking her out and was outraged. “Where are you taking me!? Manuel Estrada, you‘d better let me go!” 

Manuel glanced at the rearview mirror. “Isn‘t this obvious? I‘m taking you with me.” 

“Over my dead body! I won‘t leave with you! Now let me go!” Florence tried to open the car door, but it was locked. She then tried to lower the window and wanted to get away through it. 

Manuel roared and hurriedly closed the window. “Have you lost your mind!?” 

“I‘m ordering you to let me go!” Florence ignored him and did not want to go with him. She pounced on the driver‘s seat, tried to grab the steering wheel, and the out–of–control car turned left and right. 

Manuel pushed her away and steadied the car. 

The car scratched the stone wall on the side of the road. 

Manuel was sweating. He gnashed his teeth and threatened, “If you want to go down like how your father did, you can try me.” 

Florence was obviously frightened just now, but she recovered from the trance at that moment. “How dare you mention my father in front of me? Do you think I really don‘t know anything about his death? You‘re the one who killed my father!” 

Manuel sneered. “So what if it‘s truly me? I did it for you, Ms. Serrano. I‘d advise you not to piss me off right now. Otherwise, I‘ll drag you to hell with me at this moment.” 

Florence was petrified. She did not want to die but did not want to be taken away either. She thought of something, took out her phone, and secretly sent a message to Donald. Seeing that she was typing on her phone, Manuel grabbed her phone, and when he saw the text message she sent, his expression dimmed instantly. “How dare you reveal my whereabouts!?” 

Florence did not know about the relationship between Donald and Manuel, so she took pride in what she just did. “So what if I were to defy you? Mr. Donald once told me that I could always turn to him for help whenever you did anything to me. He claimed that he‘d surely help me. Do you really think that you‘ll be able to control me just because you‘ve obtained authority over The Serpents? Keep dreaming!” Manuel suddenly shuddered and tightened his grip on the steering wheel. 

He suddenly realized something and then laughed out loud as if he had already lost his mind.” So this is it! He‘s been on his guard against me since long ago.” Florence became more and more frightened, especially when she saw him stepping on the accelerator like a madman. “W–What are you talking about?” “Since all you people want is just to exploit me, then why should I run away? If I must die today, you‘re going to hell together with me!” 

He accelerated, and there was a junction not far away from them, but he did not even turn the steering wheel 

Florence screamed hysterically, “Manuel Estrada, stop” The car rushed out of the stone fence and fell straight down the hillside with a loud sound. 

The cars in the back that had been following them very closely braked one after another, and Mateo rushed out of the car. “Ms. Serrano!” 

The moment Waylon received the call, he quickly drove to the scene of the accident, which the local police had blocked. 

Cameron opened the car door and walked out, only to see that the police had dispatched a crane to salvage the severely deformed car. At the same time, they also brought a dead body that had been thrown out of the car when it dropped down from the hillside– it was Florence. 


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