The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1227

Alex glanced at Aunt Rockefeller twice.
She actually said that the two of them were Shooriyojou and the Condor Hero. What was she implying? Or, was it really just a spur of the moment and she was just joking?
On the other hand, when Aunt Rockefeller told the young man from the Seay family to piss off right away, it was very embarrassing for him. He frowned and looked to his left.
Two men and two women were sitting at a position of less than ten meters away from him. All of them were watching him!
Those four people were his friends. They were all prestigious young heirs and heiresses in Alaska. However, the young man was a member of the Seay family. It was exactly the Seay family, one of the eight great royal families in America. So, whenever they were together to have fun, the rest would look up to him and listen to his orders.
The few of them were having breakfast a while ago. When Aunt Rockefeller came by, they were astonished.
The young man immediately said that he wanted to get Aunt Rockefeller’s contact information and even wanted to invite her over to their table. However, not only did she not appreciate his favor, but she even asked him to piss off. When he faced those friends in the future, would he not be laughed at for a long time?
His status in their minds would have a huge drop.
So, he said again, “Pretty lady, I didn’t introduce my identity clearly just now. I’m Shane Seay, a member of the Seay family in Alaska. This hotel is owned by my family. So…”
“So what?”
Aunt Rockefeller’s expression turned cold. “So, your stupidity act is also reasonable? Your failure of understanding the human language is justified and righteous too? I’ll give you three seconds to get out of my sight now. Don’t interrupt us while we’re eating.”
Shane’s expression changed abruptly. “Pretty lady, this is very uncalled for. I’m here to deliver a fortune, but if you’re acting too much then…”
As a result, before he could finish talking, Aunt Rockefeller sent out a kick right away, kicking Shane in the stomach.
Shane heavily landed on the table behind him. It happened that there was a pot of piping hot pumpkin porridge. The pot fell off with a barn and half of the pumpkin porridge was poured out, pouring onto his head. It was so hot that he started screaming immensely.
Shane’s four friends, who were still watching the show earlier, were instantly stunned.
Then, they jumped up immediately to help Shane to get up.
Meanwhile, the conflict has also alerted the people who were eating breakfast, and the waiters and security guards.
“Isn’t this Shane Seay, Young Master Seay?”
“How do you feel, Young Master Seay? Are you okay?”
A few beautiful waitresses wearing traditional dresses with their thighs exposed hurriedly helped Shane get rid of the pumpkin porridge on his body. One of the hotel workers, who looked the most beautiful and had a more advanced outfit than the others, ran over in high heels and nervously came over to help him while asking the other waiters, “What’s going on? Don’t you guys know that the body of Young Master Seay is very valuable? How do you guys do things? How dare you let Young Master Seay suffer such an accident, do you still want to work here?”
Several waiters apologized consecutively.
A female friend of Shane pointed at Aunt Rockefeller and said, “It was her. She’s the one who kicked Young Master Seay into this state.”
This woman was the hotel’s lobby manager, her name was Noelle Fan.
To become the hotel’s lobby manager, she had paid a great price and even got multiple abortions. If she were to lose her job because Shane was beaten up and the Seays took their anger on her, she would really have no place to shed her tears!
She rose to her feet, pointed at the hotel guards while yelling, “Security guards, come here and pin down these two people!”


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