The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1228

The security guards, who had been waiting for Noelle’s command, immediately surrounded the two people.
Someone yelled, “You guys must have plucked up some courage. You guys even dared to hit Young Master Seay. You both are done for. Hurry and get up now. Kneel down in front of Young Master Seay and knock your heads to the ground as an apology. Then, Young Master Seay may be lenient and give you a way to live.”
Alex finished his soy milk in a gulp.
He glanced at the security guards lightly. “Is this your hotel’s service attitude? Could it be that this guy could simply harass the female guests here just because this guy is someone from the Seay family whatsoever, the young heir of this hotel? Then, this hotel of yours can be closed already!”
Noelle walked over with her high heels thumping on the ground.
This woman was very tall. She was about 5.6 feet tall. After wearing high heels, she was about 5.9 feet tall. She was even slightly taller than Shane.
She had an imposing manner as well. Her round eyes hidden underneath those glasses widened as if they were going to fall off. She sternly shouted, “Outrageous! Who do you think you’re? How dare you humiliate our Young Master Seay here? Don’t you see what kind of quality your woman has? Do you think it’d be her turn to get harassed by Young Master Seay? A random person pulled from the streets is hundred times greater than her!”
Alex’s expression was strange.
He looked at Noelle, dumbfounded. “You’re blind, aren’t you?”
Noelle did not want to waste her words as it was more important to vent out the anger on behalf of Shane. Immediately, she commanded two security guards. “Drag both of them up and pin them on the ground. Get them kneel down before Young Master Seay. They can only get up whenever Young Master Seay is satisfied!”
The two security guards were about to make a move when they heard the instructions.
However, Alex suddenly flicked his finger. A white light flashed.
Two ivory white beams shot out like lightning and stabbed into both of Noelle’s fair thighs respectively.
The woman could not bear it and immediately fell to her knees.
She wailed immensely!
Alex smiled in differently. “Why are you yelling so loud? I see you love kneeling down so much, so I just helped you a little. Get up only when you know how to respect your customers!”
Seeing blood flowing down Noelle’s both thighs, the several waiters only felt numbness in their scalps while shivering in fear.
Noelle was in pain and anger. She pointed at the two security guards and yelled, “Are you two dead people?! What are you standing therefor?! Why don’t you hurry and move?!”
However, the expressions of the two security guards seemed very awful.
They were not some powerful martial artists but they were somewhat knowledgeable. A person who could shoot two beams into Noelle’s thighs accurately was no ordinary man for sure. They could not afford to mess with him!
At this time, Shane was finally done cleaning up the pumpkin porridge on him.
At this moment, his expression was full of anger. “God damn it! You’re really an ungrateful b*tch. Do you really think that you’re Shooriyojou just because you’re slightly beautiful? That damn Shooriyojou was also ridden by that whosoever priest!”
He paused for a moment and then said to his few friends, “Do you know what they said just now? This crazy b*tch actually called herself Shooriyojou and this brat is the Condor Hero. Haha, this is so funny! You probably read too many martial art novels till you’ve forgotten your names!”
As soon as this statement was made, the few friends of Shane burst into laughter.
“These two guys are really funny!”
“But, Young Master Seay, this b*tch made you so miserable just now. How do you plan to deal with them?”
Shane replied, “Hmm? How should I deal with them? Since she dared to beat me, I’ll get back at her! You woman, mark my words. Serve me well today. If you don’t make me comfortable, don’t you ever think of running away, do you understand?”
One of his fat friends immediately said, “Great idea, Young Master Seay. Honestly, this woman is pretty hot.”
Aunt Rockefeller sighed and said to Alex, “Why are the people from the Seay family in Alaska so stubborn? I just slapped Nick Seay to death and today comes another Shane Seay. Do you think the patriarch of the Seay family would feel uncomfortable if I don’t look for him to collect some debt?”


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