The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2133

Chapter 2133 Mateo brought some of the members from The Serpents together with him and waited at the edge of the police blockade. His expression looked extremely distressed when he saw the bodies. Cameron frowned. “Manuel even dragged Florence along.” Waylon was silent. Nobody knew what was going through his mind at this moment. 

Donald received the news of Manuel and Florence‘s accident. He then placed his cell phone on the desk, pinched the foot of a wine glass, and swirled it lightly, feeling delighted. 

A fat man came up to him. “Sir, Manuel actually knew that you were going to leave him out there and chose to escape with Ms. Serrano.” “I already know that.” Donald moved his gaze off the glass. “It‘s a pity that even God wouldn‘t side with him this time around. If he hadn‘t brought a burden along with him, he would have managed to escape successfully. A woman still brought him down in the end.” ‘I didn‘t even have to do anything. 

‘When Florence sent me the text message asking for help, I already knew that Manuel was going to get his sorry *ss out of the island. I originally was worried that he would fall into the hands of the Southern Clan, but things couldn‘t be better now that the nuisance has been removed for good.‘ 

The fat man frowned. “Sir, don‘t you think it‘s strange? How did Manuel know that you were going to leave him out there to die? The only people that knew about your meeting with Buchanon are Fabio‘s men.” 

Donald paused for a bit, lifted his head, and his gaze looked sullen. “Fabio doesn‘t care about Manuel‘s life or death at all. So, someone seems to want Manuel to escape. It seems that someone working for Fabio isn‘t as clean and loyal as they seem.” 

He finished the wine in one mouthful, turned around, and asked the fat man, “Have you found anything about the incident with the account book?” 

Fatty replied, “I heard it‘s the person who took over The Commune. He‘s the one who found out about the issue with the account book. He should be the one who told the Southern Clan about it.” 

Donald‘s expression dimmed, but no one could tell how he felt exactly. “Who‘s that person?” 

The fat man answered without any hesitation, “Rumor has it that he‘s someone who goes by the name Neal Beck. Cameron hired him from abroad.” 

Cameron and Waylon rushed to the hospital at 8:00 a.m. Mateo and some of the men from The Serpents were waiting outside the ICU–Manuel was the one who was being rescued inside. 

Florence had flown out of the car and died on the spot because her seat belt was not on. On the other hand, Manuel remained in the driver‘s seat because of the seat belt. Still, the front of the car was severely damaged, and his injuries were extremely complicated. 

The people from The Serpents saw them first and stopped them vigilantly. Mateo waved at his men, motioning them to give way, and walked toward Cameron and Waylon. “Mr. Southern, I wonder why you‘re here.” Cameron nodded slightly. “I‘m very sorry for Ms. Serrano‘s death. My deepest condolences.” Before Mateo could speak, one of his men pointed at her and yelled, “Pfft! You guys are the ones who couldn‘t wait for Ms. Serrano to die. Now that she‘s dead, you people from the Southern Clan should be the happiest people on Earth!” Waylon squinted and glared at the man. “If Manuel hadn‘t tried to take Ms. Serrano away, would we even be standing here now?” 

The man was about to refute when Mateo interrupted him. “Manuel is a member of The Serpents. We‘ll be the judge of what he‘s done. We‘ll also investigate Ms. Serrano‘s incident by ourselves, so you don‘t need to bother yourselves with these matters.” 

Waylon smiled. “We‘re here to investigate the cause of the accident.” 

Mateo was confused. “Why would you want to do so?” 

He explained slowly, “Manuel colluded with Donald behind your back. However, after things went sour, he learned he was about to be killed by Donald, so he chose to escape from the East Islands. But we never thought that he would bring Ms. Serrano and deliberately cause this accident. 

“No matter what, Ms. Serrano is still Mr. Serrano‘s daughter. So shouldn‘t Mr. Serrano have the right to know what happened and the reason behind it happening?” 

Mateo pursed his lips tightly and did not utter a single word. He knew that Joaqin was still alive. He also knew that what had happened to Joaqin was Manuel‘s doing and that Manuel had colluded with Donald. 


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