The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2134

Chapter 2134 Now that Florence was dead and Manuel was still being rescued in the ICU, Mateo stayed outside the operation theater, just in case something were to happen. If Manuel were to die here, the truth would forever be buried. At this time, the red light bulb on top of the door of the operating theater was turned off while the green light lit up. The doctor then came out of the operating theater, and Mateo stood up instantly and stepped forward. “Doctor, how‘s the patient?” 

The doctor took off his mask, and his expression looked distressed. “I‘m sorry. We‘ve done everything in our capability.” 

Mateo was shocked, and he grabbed the doctor by his shoulders. “What do you mean by you‘ve done everything possible? Are you telling me that this is it for him?!” 

He was emotional, but the doctor had gotten accustomed to such a reaction. He could only explain Manuel‘s condition to him calmly, “He‘s been too badly injured. His organs were all crushed by external forces, and he was bleeding heavily. He was already in shock when he was sent to the hospital. We‘ve tried our best to save him, but there‘s a limit to what we can do too. I‘m sorry.” Mateo staggered backward, and the people behind him caught and supported him immediately. 

Cameron frowned and did not say anything. 

At the end of the day, the hospital issued a death certificate. After confirming Manuel‘s death, Cameron and Waylon walked out of the hospital. 

She stopped in front of the car and took a deep breath. “Manuel‘s death is truly beyond my expectations. With that, we just lost our last witness.” 

‘We stayed at the pier because we could only wait for Manuel to appear, but who would know that such an accident would take place amidst everything else? 

‘Now that Manuel is dead, Donald‘s threat is forever gone.‘ 

It was Cameron‘s first time feeling such frustration. 

Waylon looked at her. “Let‘s get our hands on the recordings from the car‘s dashcam first. At least we must first get to the bottom of the reason that caused the accident.” 

Cameron nodded. 

‘It seems that this is the only thing we can do now.‘ Cameron and Waylon came to the precinct. The police officers who handled the accident happened to have a close connection with Sunny and agreed to let them take a look at the dashcam‘s recordings. Cameron and Waylon stood in front of the computer and watched the footage recorded before the accident happened. Florence could be seen grabbing the steering wheel from Manuel, and there was a slight glitch in the footage for a split second. Cameron increased the volume and heard their conversation clearly. 

“If you want to go down like how your father did, you can try me.” “How dare you mention my father in front of me? Do you think I really don‘t know anything about his death? You‘re the one who killed my father!” 

“So what if it‘s truly me? I did it for you, Ms. Serrano. I‘d advise you not to piss me off right now. Otherwise, I‘ll drag you to hell with me at this moment.” 

When Cameron saw what happened on the screen and heard the conversation, her gaze could not help but dim. Immediately afterward, Manuel suddenly snatched Florence‘s cell phone from her. “How dare you reveal my whereabouts!?“. 

“So what if I were to defy you? Mr. Donald once told me that I could always turn to him for help whenever you did anything to me. He claimed that he‘d surely help me. Do you really think that you‘ll be able to control me just because you‘ve obtained authority over The Serpents? Keep dreaming!” Manuel laughed frantically. “So this is it! He‘s been on his guard against me since long ago. Since all you people want is just to exploit me, then why should I run away? If I must die today, you‘re going to hell together with me!” “Manuel Estrada, stop—” 

The last moment of the video showed the scene of the car accelerating, and the scene abruptly stopped after a huge impact. Cameron turned around and walked out of the room. 

The car drove slowly toward the Southerns residence. 

Cameron, sitting in the front passenger seat, propped her hand against the side of her forehead as she gazed out of the window. She had not uttered a single word ever since she got into the car. 

Waylon took a glance at her and broke the silence. “Do you think that it‘s a pity?” “I only think it‘s ridiculous.” Cameron‘s eyes moved, and her expression looked calm. She then retracted her gaze and leaned back in the seat. “If Florence didn‘t stimulate Manuel with Donald, Manuel wouldn‘t have thought about dying with her. I didn‘t expect the cause of the accident to be her own fault.”


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