The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1229

Aunt Rockefeller’s words made Shane laugh out loud.
“Stupid woman, I don’t know where you have heard the name of my cousin, Nick Seay. But if you think that you could dodge a bullet by bringing up my cousin’s name, then I can only tell you that I’ll let you down.”
“You actually dare to say that you’ve slapped my cousin to death. Do you know where my cousin, Nick Seay is right now?”
“Let me tell you then. He went to California together with the young master of the Melvis family, Tucker Melvis. I dare you to go there and slap him to death! You’d be lucky if he doesn’t fool you to death. How stupid!”
After speaking, Shane laughed again. Even the expressions of his few friends were full of ridicule.
As for the lobby manager, Noelle Fan, who was kneeling on the ground, she didn’t care about those people at all.
“Stupid woman? You’re talking about me?”
Aunt Rockefeller stood up. Alex could tell that she was really angry now.
“You want me to serve you, is it?”
“Sure! I’ll serve you now!”
The two security guards glanced at each other. They were also members of the Se ay family. They were considered to have seen the world and knew many martial artists.
Even though they could not tell what level Aunt Rockefeller was at, the aura emanating from her body at this moment sent chills down their spines.
“Young Master, you… Be careful!” One security guard reminded him.
However, he was immediately slapped by Shane. “What’s the use of raising lap dogs like you? To stand here as screens? Get out of my bloody way! I’m a dignified disciple from the Seay family, the royal family in America. Do you really think she really could hurt me?!”
After that, he pointed at Aunt Rockefeller. “Come and lick my toes first. After that, I’ll bring you to my room to have some fun! If you don’t serve me comfortably, I’ll immediately call three thousands martial artists from the Seay family with a phone call to gang r*pe you. You better think this through!”
As he spoke, he took off his shoes and lifted up his foot.
Alex was speechless. He thought, ‘The members of the Seay family are really good at digging their own graves one after another!’
In the next second, a snap sound was heard.
Nobody knew how Aunt Rockefeller did it. With a wave of her hand, red lights flashed, causing Shane’s right leg to be severed forcibly from the middle of his thigh!
His entire thigh dropped onto the ground. Strangely, there was no blood flowing out of his thigh at all.
The wound became dark burnt, as if it had been burned by fire.
Three full seconds later, only then did Shane yell with an “Ah” as he was going insane. He looked at his own leg and screamed frantically, “Ahhh! My leg, my leg… Y-you, you, how dare you sever my leg?! Ah-! I’ll not let you off the hook. My Seay family definitely won’t let you off the hook!”
Noelle, who was kneeling down on the ground trembled vigorously.
At first, she was infuriated with blazing anger. She anticipated the Seay family to send out martial artists to avenge her by suppressing these two bastards in a bloodbath. But now, seeing the leg of the young master, Shane Seay being severed by Aunt Rockefeller at the drop of a hat without any mercy, she was shocked in her heart She slowly came to her senses as well.
These two people, who dared to confront the Seay family head on, certainly were no ordinary people!
As for herself, she was just an ordinary woman who used her own body to get promoted to her current position as the hotel’s lobby manager, let alone her revenge.
In addition, the few friends of Shane looked at each other. All of a sudden, they all turned around and ran outside without knowing who led the group!
Soon after, the remaining three people, even the many people who were dining in the restaurant ran outside in a swarm as well. Many dishes and cutleries were overturned and broken, and a stampede tragedy nearly occurred.
If the crowd felt shocked after watching Alex using beams to penetrate Noelle’s thighs, then now it would be horrifying after watching Shane’s thigh to be severed and drop onto the ground!
“Something bad has happened!”


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