The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1230

“Something big is about to happen!”
“That woman actually dared to break Young Master Seay’s leg. He’s a nobleman!”
“I’m afraid there’s going to be a big battle if the Seays become furious!”
“Last time, I heard that Seay family’s third young master got slapped by someone from Swiss Tiger Corporation of the Leonardo family. That person was even a security guard. As a result, the security guard’s corpse was hung on the wall for three days and the entire Swiss Tiger Corporation was gone too. These two people… Sigh, I’m not sure if they can still make it if they flee now?”
However, Alex and Aunt Rockefeller did not think about fleeing the scene at all.
Aunt Rockefeller immediately waved her hand at the two security guards to ask them to piss off. She said to Shane, “How is it? Did I serve you comfortably? From now on, you can sit in a wheelchair and spend your life. This is called, get it done once and for all. Aren’t you supposed to thank me?”
Alex said, “Aunt, he still has another leg! He could still walk with a cane, he doesn’t need a wheelchair.”
Right after Alex’s voice fell, the red light flashed again.
Shane’s other leg fell off as well.
With a poof sound, it fell right beside Noelle this time. The black incision of the broken leg was facing her, she could even smell a burnt smell. In the next second, her sphincter muscles went haywire, causing a stream of urine flowing out silently.
Moreover, it was unstoppable!
Aunt Rockefeller frowned and glared toward Noelle.
Noelle jolted as her heart was going to jump out of her chest. So, she hurriedly knocked her head against the ground and apologized. “Sor… I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t pee on purpose, I-I just couldn’t hold it in!”
Aunt Rockefeller grunted coldly. “Drink it up then!”
Unexpectedly, this woman really struggled to lie on the ground and gulped it back bit by bit using her mouth.
Shane really felt like fainting. However, he could not do so. He was a hedonistic son of a rich man. Since when did he suffer such great pain? He was in utter despair when he saw his black and burnt legs. It was impossible to recover the legs in such a
“J-j ust you people wait! You shall pay for the price! ” He shouted hysterically.
Aunt Rockefeller said, “We’re waiting. You should hurry and call the patriarch of the Seay family right now. Ask him to come and get you. Otherwise, I’ll sever your remaining three limbs.”
Alex replied, “Both his legs are already broken. How could there be three limbs?”
Aunt Rockefeller glanced at him in the middle. “Don’t you men value the third limb the most? You don’t have it?”
Alex’s expression darkened. “I… Have! I have it!”
Aunt Rockefeller’s request was exactly what Shane wanted. He immediately made a call. “Grandpa, my legs are ruined. Both my legs have been severed. Hurry, come and save me. Save me..!”
“I already know it. Hold on, your father and I will be there soon.”
An energetic voice came through from the other side of the phone. It was from the patriarch of the Seay family, Nelson Seay. That was all because after Shane’s few friends ran out of the restaurant, they immediately phoned the Seay family.
Nelson Seay and Shane’s father, Hughes Seay arrived at the scene with a bunch of men in black following behind them.
They all walked in a dignified and majestic manner with an extraordinary grandeur. At first glance, one could tell that they were martial artists who were not weak in cultivation.
With the arrival of the group of the people, the hotel’s buffet restaurant was heated up again. Those customers and waiters who fled the scene earlier followed over quietly to join in on the fun.
Hughes instantly seethed in anger when he saw his son’s miserable state. He rushed over and yelled, “Who is it? Who did this, step out now! I want you to pay me back ten times!”
Even Nelson’s expression turned pale as well. However, when he took a closer look at Alex’s face, his entire body suddenly trembled as his expression changed abruptly.
He immediately ran over and gave Hughes a slap on his face. Immediately afterwards, he bowed to Alex respectfully. “I didn’t expect Master Rockefeller to visit here. It’s a great honor!”
The crowd only felt as if someone was choking them on the throat. The surrounding was dead silent!


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